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Dogs and cats are suffering and starving. What happens if no one buys them? They get put to sleep, permanently. My plan is to convince people to instead of being greedy and wanting presents at their parties ask for food and toys for the animals at the shelter.
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Yesterday our Roots & Shoots group learned all about local birds, their habitats, diets, life cycles, and some of the challenges wild birds face and ways we can help. We made bird feeders and nest kits, did nature journal pages and played bird themed games. Happy Birthday Dr. Goodall! Your work has changed the world and touched my life personally in so many ways - thank you and bless you! #80YearsofJane
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my project may donate to the Jane Goodalls roots and shoots to help have the chimps have a better life
We held bake sales, coin collection drives, sold t shirts and popcorn in order to support Dr. Ating in his efforts to save the forest in the Lore Lindu National Park in Sulawesi.
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By spreading the word about threats to rhinos among school-age children, in an engaging highly readable book, we hope the project will encourage rhino conservation. The book has already garnered significant publicity (and will be reviewed in National Geographic this August). The fifth graders who worked on the book -- and who graduated this summer -- have left the school inspired to do more to help ensure that rhinos survive.
Due to age restrictions in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, young children cannot see gorillas in the wild. Our school community will recreate the experience of visiting a mountain gorilla family with the help of fantastic costumes and actors modeling gorilla behavior. This presentation will take place in a wooded area of our green campus. Music, narration, and reflection will enrich the experience and foster awareness of gorilla conservation issues and the links that unite all life on Earth.
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All animals brought to and rehabbed at our facilities will be receiving proper vaccination and anthelminthic medication prior to release in their environments. We are a full Non-Profit organization, 501 (c) 3. Sunshine Haven Animal Rescue & Wildlife Rehabilitation, Riverside, California
- Roots and Shoots Group Formation at schools - Mini eco-trips for group members - Environmental awareness campaign
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Red-eared sliders are commonly sold in pet stores. The native turtle populations are declining and being replaced by Red-eared sliders that have been illegally dumped in ponds. Our short-term goal is to adopt Mary Lake – working collaboratively to remove debris (trash, discarded fishing line, etc.), erect a fishing line recycling tube, and construct nesting boxes. Our long-term goals are to increase public awareness of the impact releasing unwanted exotic pets has on the environment, give talks at local schools, and ultimately increase the population of native Western Pond Turtles in our local area, particularly Mary Lake.
To encourage the children and youth of Puerto Lopez town and county to protect the lanscapes, to value native flora and fauna, to plant useful native trees and bushes in their gardens, to appreciate and support the Machalilla National Park and the remaining wildlife habitat outside it, and to develop in general a new, more positive attitude towards Nature, which is gradually disappearing under bulldozers due to urban sprawl and "development".