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Beginning February 2 we are going to have a week of green. The first day we are going to have a speaker from the ACE Campaign to come to speak to my entire High School and Intermediate School. We are also going to have various activities throughout the week.
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We will begin by recycling cell phones for JGI Call to Action. Then we will also work on educating kids about wildlife conservation.
Our group is consisted of elementary students from 4th and 5th grade and we will achieve our goal by starting from scratch - researching on how bird houses are made and where they are placed - to actually building bird houses and hanging them on trees.
Reduce or stop using products that have palm oil in them like some foods, cooking oil, hair products, etc. You can still eat foods and use hair products but check in the ingredients and make sure it does not have palm oil in the product.
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Sprouts aims to achieve its mission through a once-a-week after-school program. During Sprouts club hours, students will learn sustainability through the creation of a permaculture edible garden and the practice of the 3 R's (Reducing, Re-using and Recycling) in and around the school premises with partners like Terracycle.
We will write an article about our project on our school website and newspaper asking pupils to join it. This program will run for 3 months, each week there will be a plan of activities we are going to do, so everyone can join it. The most active pupils will be awarded with precious gifts and a ticket to the cinema.
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My project will involve using the three R's, picking up more trash and cleaning up the enviroment around us. I sure hope we will be succsesfull!
Vision is to protect the youth from poverty to the better life in Kakuma citiy ,in the 12months,will have to create awareness,vegetable farming (garden),trees planting,survey on environment,also enhancing knowledge and skills on community development and create self reliance attitude in the society.
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Build raised garden beds at our main branch so members will have a hands-on experience growing their own plants and learning about gardening and vegetables.
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The project involves working with the local forest preserve district. The land is secured, and some trees and perennials have already been planted. Next is to meet with all who are interested in leading the way, plan the over all design and plant.