I will initially start a community recycling project at kuruwitu conservation Welfare Association neighbourhoods. I am a volunteer at kuruwitu and will be running the recycling project. I am studying permaculture. I hope to use green waste and paper waste as tools in enriching the soil. The study of Permaculture is to rebuild the land. I aim for zero to landfill in my recycling project.
1. Document the wildlife of Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca, observing flora and fauna so that we know what we are protecting and can develop conservation management plans for entire ecosystems. 2. Provide opportunities for local children to engage with nature and experience its wonder, while learning valuable life skills and scientific processes. 3. To motivate the people of Paraguay to take part in the conservation of their countryside through interactive family-oriented games and exhibits for eco-tourists.
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We will bring together more than 15 Roots & Shoots groups in Los Angeles and they will display their projects to the public at the Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair at the LA Arboretum.
We record the conditions of the river not only as a means to achieve a better understanding, but for aesthetic reasons as well. Our concern for Beijing’s natural resources stems from a genuine love of nature as well as a pragmatic realization that such resources are necessary for Beijing to thrive.
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Our project will be scheduled through the Bioneers Conference. We will be doing a short BioBlitz to make observations of plans and animals around the South Galina Creek. We will us smart phones and work with iNaturalist to post our observations.
The project is already set up and the final testing is this summer, After this we will start with massive promotion all over Qatar. Next school year another roof garden will be set up in our school to cover the full roof top.
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Just placed an order for 12 Butterfly plants that will be planted around our common area where I live. The bare root Butterfly plants arrived and shared with a friend. My 6 plants have now been planted in large pots in my back yard and are doing great. They will be transplanted this fall after the extreme Arizona summer heat.
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New black tubing and drip nozzles will be purchased and connected to the school's existing ground water drip system by student volunteers. Water irrigation will be tied into the school's timed water system with the black tubing and drip nozzles by the school's facility department or volunteers as soon as possible. Next school year, our Roots & Shoots group will help maintain the Monarch Waystation and in the future hopefully be able to tag the Monarch's on their migration.
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We will aerate the soil surrounding the redwood trees, fertilize with iron and NPK, plant woodland shrubs and trees around the redwoods, add mulch, and install misters to maintain humidity.
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Participated in the annual stream cleanup with 97 others on the Brandywine Creek.