Implementing 'green' within our school through reduction of pollution in the air and reducing our carbon foot prints; utilizing production of green walls and hydro-systems through the school we will hope to instill some type of reduction.
Our school will create a medicine wheel outdoor space in two phases. 1. Hard scaping working with the school forest, wetland and traditional grassy areas and playground to create a nature space. 2. Classroom projects; planning and planting 4 areas, earth, wind, fire and water, to correspond with the medicine wheel. 3. Education, understanding and leading our community of learners through the next years to sustain our water, soil, plants and animals respecting nature and our role and interrelationships within the web to all living and non living elements.
United States
Our timeline is a short one, we want to kick-off this project and begin our campaign quickly. We have set things in motion by working with a local elementary school and have reached out to schools across the globe to share their stories with us. Our journal seeks to share global stories and we would like to start on our tool-kits--which will be designed to fit the communities that they will be placed into. We want to develop one prototype, which will not require a lot of funding, and perhaps go from there. We are documenting everything we are doing and will reach out to different corporations, schools, social media etc to gauge the impact and thoughts of others on our project. With our feedback, we will be able to decide if this project will ultimately succeed in the long-term, which is our goal.
United States
We are "Spring Cleaning" our electronic lives and encouraging others in our community to do the same. It feels safe to say almost all of us have old flip cell phones and electronic handheld devices laying around our homes unused; so we are spreading the word through social media, the media (radio, newspaper and magazines), speaking engagements and schools and asking everyone to drop off unused electronics at our local library. We are already receiving a tremendous response for our size community due to the desire to protect the environment, help save the great apes and benefit the mission of the Jane Goodall Institute.
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Raise awareness in our local and surrounding community. We will have an ariticle published in our local town magazine with a readership of 30,000 people. We will sell Seedlings for seedlings - growing seedlings to sell to our community to raise money for the Kadoorie Conservation China organisation to grow and plant new seedlings in the Bawangling National Nature Reserve. Create a facebook page to raise awareness. Share presentation of Powtoons and keynotes that gives information to other local students and people. Create a website to share our information. Maybe go to Hainan. Design and purchase tshirts (made from bamboo and charcoal) with information on the gibbons and sell them. TELL EVERYONE about the Hainan Black Crested Gibbon.
As above, i will address the key areas in development through agriculture, where health and education are key and will use tourism as way of conservation to earn through natural resources that exist. The first action point of doing this will be through community trainings and awareness, demonstration farms for the conservation programs eg trees and vegetable nursery beds to give seeds to the community and revisit our culture as part of human conservation to restore our lost cultural values. this will involve all stakeholders in the society, civic leaders, government leaders both political and non political, religious leaders from all churches. Lastly the most beneficiaries shall be women and youth who are the most affected.
Starting off, the students will work in teams to highlight the issue of deforestation and specific effects on local communities--especially farmers, students, and the environment. Then, after drafting papers, they will make presentations among their peers and finally to their community. They will then plan a day of community gathering where they will make their presentations to community leaders and their families and plant tree saplings around their targeted area of their school and a local forest.
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I have been collecting recyclable bottles from classrooms in school. Not everyone uses reusable bottles. That should be my next PSA! Each bottle yields 5 cents which I accrue to donate to CoolEarth, a foundation that saves rainforest acreage. I have saved 2.5 acres so far.
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Our project will complete the three aforementioned goals in the next six weeks and through to the end of the plant life cycle of the corn and sunflowers to be planted.
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This project is meant to kick off a service learning/ social justice initiative. This funding will allow us to hold a community meeting of interested parties to engage in a conversation about how to best engage students in understanding the community where they go to school, it's significant history and there role as citizens of that community. This meeting will help to build community awareness and buy-in for the project as well as be a means to gather individuals who already are willing to contribute time and talent to the project.