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I will distribute bags and ask for stuffed animals, toys, and games. Then I will give the donations to the Diamond Children's center.
We will collect infant clothing and blankets throughout the month of May. We will place 6 plastic bins with a flyers attached labeling the bins as the Hats for Hope Project. Emails will be sent to all families enrolled at Kids Express, with weekly reminders emailed to parents. Flyers will be posted in each classroom near entrance doors. Parents may drop off the lightly used, cleaned clothing in the nearest bin.
Our group of friends (The friends of the Hudad) are aiming to raise $50,000. We have received several donations but still more needs to be done. We are organising a Benefit concert on August 23, with local Ethiopian musicians and artists, and our local primary school (Clifton Hill primary) and Melbourne Girls' College (MGC) are involved as well . Once we have the money needed, Selam's and my family and friends will go to Ethiopia to help the community build the school. For more information follow our journey on www.facebook.com/friendsofthehudad
My project will start in early January, 2015 My project will empower students toward their education and career development. I am going to launch the project to the schools and advertise in street also in radio program. We will have the center for our program and store but by beginning we will hire a building.
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School year, each year - I train students to put the paper, metal, plastic and food stuffs in separate bins...Give unused food to classmates or take home in book bag for later. LESS WASTE!!!
South Africa
The involvement of schools, community groups and businesses is the core function of this project. Fostering clear communication by all stakeholders will hopefully create the vehicle for understanding and cooperation. Planting of community gardens and sustainable farms for produce resale, fresh herbs and vegetables to encourage healthy eating in homes and education about positive lifestyle and impact as a community, in the community. The youth hold the key to the door to their future and the future of their environment. They need to be shown how valuable they are and what they can do to make a difference.
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Every year our Roots & Shoots groups learns to fold Origami Peace Cranes, as well as the story of "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes" and how it connects to the international child's peace project. We also have explored this story through the song by Fred Small called "Cranes Over Hiroshima". We share what we have learned with other groups and the public every chance we get throughout the year.
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We will learn about the plight of the needy in our community and understand how we can make a real difference, if we work together toward a goal. With everyone contributing some vegetables, make a nutritious "Stone Soup". Using the cobb oven at B-Street, make pita bread from scratch.
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This year we have made 12 visits to B-Street, starting in the Fall with harvest and ending with our last meeting in June there. We have harvested crops, mulched fields, weeded, planted crops, built "willow houses", cooked in a cobb oven & on "rocket stoves", made "stone soup" for homeless women's shelter, built a butterfly / beneficial insect flower garden, made "mason bee" houses, studied pond life & cycles, and learned how to care for rabbits & bunnies. It has been wonderful to have a "place" to learn from and put our efforts toward making a difference. Our visits have been after-school events. As an added benefit, it has introduced Roots&Shoots families to this great community resource.
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On January 20, we participated in the annual Forest Grove community Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. We flew our Giant Peace Doves in the march through the town, including a new Dove made for us by students of Pacific University. Under a beautiful but cloudy sky (but very cold!) we marched through town and we ended up at Pacific University, where we were inspired by speakers and a celebration of MLK's life. Two of our R&S members were part of a panel discussion about how MLK's teachings can play a part in our lives today. Other members taught Pacific Students and community members how to fold the Origami Peace Cranes and the meaning of the Sadako peace story. About 200 people participated from the community (and least 15 Roots & Shoots members plus family). It was a wonderful way to spend a day celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.