Through awareness campaigns; organizing youth associations and advocate for their initiative support.
organising aa workcamp and plant many trees and creat some artistical works and sensibilize children and weman by making them part of the project from the beggining. many partners will be also part of this operation.
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As a club, we are focusing both locally and abroad. Our school is in need of trash removal and cleaning up school grounds. We will have an official clean-up on Oct 23 with the National Honors society and the Environmental club. We are also helping to pass this message to the children of Rwanda by partnering with the charity Hope Shines and creating posters on drinking water safety. We will also be fundraising to purchase personal water filters for the children in Rwanda.
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We will encourage students to walk, roll, or carpool to school by tracking their green trips, by creating a map of where people are coming from (for carpooling), and by rewarding students who do green trips through raffles, hot chocolate give aways, and small prizes. Our twitter account: https://twitter.com/BCS_Eco
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16 of our classrooms will each be assigned a garden bed (or a portion of a garden bed) as well as a part of the outdoor learning space to cultivate and maintain. Classes will work during their scheduled time on a weekly basis. Classes will tie curriculum and Missouri State Learning Standards to their work in the garden, bringing together language arts, math, science, and social studies to their experiences in the outdoor classroom.
My project is working in the field meeting and organized the human rights activities, education activities, human rights essay competition, human rights training and workshop etc.
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Currently, I have 33 6th grade students who are creating a variety projects to help unite students & community members in our school. I will be working with students to design community, nation wide & global service projects during this school year.
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This project will encourage African American communities across the country to get out into our National parks and to become a part of the conversation on conservation and land protection.
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Need to go to the village and request improvements to the bike path. Hold town meetings to get the community involve in backing the idea and assisting with neighborhood watch to create safe before and after school experience for the kids.
Students in Grades 7, 8, & 9 at Costa Verde International School will be working with the community of Sayulita to reduce and recycle plastic bottles. This will include an awareness campaign and working to set up recycling stations.