When ever we are at the beach I am going to get my family to collect garbage and remove it from the beach
United Kingdom
We hope to turn the space into an environmentally, educationally and community friendly space by removing all the weeds and replanting with hardy, annual plants that will attract wildlife. We will also put in area where insects, bugs and other animals will be able to live. We will revitalise the pond area by adding new plants and a rockery, helping the ponds wildlife. We are going to be adding a living willow tunnel. We are creating a wild flower meadow and orchard on the field. We have already planted fruit and vegetables in the raised bed on the playground. Fortunately, we have a very supportive FOLKs team who are backing the project 100%. We have organised parent working party days on a number of Saturday's during the year. We have already heavily weeded the area, removing the brambles and ivy. The next major part of the project is more groundworks; digging out the clay soil, adding weed suppressant materials, new top soil, compost and bark. We will be using recycled tyres and other materials to create flower beds where there will be different 'zones'; colour, smell and texture and we will be adding a taste zone, too. On the field we are developing the hedge and copse area with saplings that have been provided by the Woodland Trust. We are also creating a meadow area by digging 1x1m square and freely sowing wildflower seeds. This will be developed over the next few years.
South Africa
The young entrepreneurs will be engaging with their local communities through the Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit. Planned events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals build on the SDG "Heroes for Change" comic series where the participants will earn a badge for each of the Sustainable Development Goal activities that they participate in - eg Mother Earth Day and World Environment Day (22 April and 5 June) which support Goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action - both days are focussed on Act to end Plastic - Beat Plastic Pollution.
United States
Once I had a clear vision of the program I wanted to create I sought out experts in the field of Library Science for advice. I contacted Ms. Amy Paino, a Children's Librarian at the Yorba Linda Public Library, who mentored me through the process of building a literacy program that would be both educational and entertaining. I reached out to high school students from four different high schools with experience in theater, creative writing and design and invited them to join me in the creation process. I recruited volunteers to help sew costumes and props. I reached out to local businesses such as Sherwin Williams and Staples for donations of supplies which were generously donated. After three months of creation and rehearsal "Read a Story, Change a Life", is now a reality!
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A group of us will get together after school and pick up trash using gloves, bags, and long-handled tongs and snake catchers during one of our regularly scheduled R&S club meetings.
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Specifically, we'll try to be more animated when standing at the front of the class - making our facial expressions more pronounced, using exaggerated hand gestures, changing the speed, tone and volume of our voice... we're trying it all! We also memorized a few cute tactics to refocus the group, whether this it's a clapping pattern or breathing exercise to calm the kids down, quiet their little mouths, and bring their attention forward.
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It is important for us to wrap-up the lesson plan and ask them questions about things they learned. We’re testing out a few ways to do this to see which is more effective – will they respond more enthusiastically one-on-one or as a group? Will they actually be able to answer some of the questions posed to them? Examples: Individually, “can you trace the dinner you ate last night back to the soil?” As a group, “what are some of the behaviors you can do differently at home to make a difference?”
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We are going to do a fundraiser, to help support new fosters parents, and hand out pamphlets that explain what fostering is, and gives all the information on where to start.
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The goal is to create fundraising events for the Jane Goodall Institute, power-points for teachers to use to educate their students, and to tell at least 100 people about my project so more people can be aware of its goal! I will mostly spread the word through family, friends, and the local schools in my area. Though, if my project starts to take off, I will probably go online in order to reach a larger group of people. To make an even greater impact, in order to save everything I, and all nature lovers, care about.
We have been doing awareness campaigns at schools, villages and other areas ! Visiting hospitals and arranging seminars to end this menace ! If you support us we can come to other developed countries and take our work further ahead with your kindness and guidance! Humanity lies beyond everything ! We wish to take it further by spreading awareness regarding Tuberculosis and other preventable diseases! Moreover I also wish to work for women empowerment and child education ! I would like Dr Jane to have a kind look at my project and support me ! You can also see our website for further details! Regards , Dr.Atika Maryam