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The project will aim to provide re-usable floral centerpieces for guests at the LAMP Optimist Club's "Friends of Youth Award" dinner. We hope to make centerpieces where all the products can be re-used. We will also ask around for raffle prizes to be donated. We will also sell raffle tickets to raise funds for the LAMP Optimist Club who will use the funds for the youth of the community.
We learned about the plight of the African Elephant in class as part of our regular learning experiences. This led us to wanting to do something to protect the elephants. We researched which groups in Africa were helping the elephants and found Amboseli Trust for Elephants (ATE). Because we had seen a series on elephants at Amboseli, we decided to explore ATE further. We found out that to save the Amboseli elephants from poaching and human/elephant conflict, it was vital to have the support of the local Maasai people. This, in turn, led us to researching the Massai culture. We contacted ATE and found out that one of the ways they work with the local people is by providing Eductional Scholarships for the youth so they can become leaders of the future. We decided that we wanted to support the education of girls because without an education, a Maasai girl's life can be very difficult. Also if there are funds available, the Maasai tend to educate their boys before their girls. It is our belief that girls should be afforded the same educational opportunities as boys. We will raise funds by having a band day, making popcorn and having money boxes in the classrooms. We will make a powerpoint presentation to be shown to the entire school about the plight of the African Elephants and the reason we are raising funds.
The first idea was a selfie-contest. The students had to shoot selfies with an aspect of "against racism". Die Idee war zunächst ein Selfie-Wettbewerb. Die Schüler sollten Selfies schießen vor dem Hintergrund "Gegen Rassismus".
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We will learn from University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologists about solitary bees and how to increase their habitats. We will then synthesize that information with things we research on our own from the web and books. Finally, we will share that information at a teen program for the Grand Island Public Library.
New Zealand
This project will educate people on the risks by getting communities involved and presenting PowerPoint and presentations at schools. This project will pull together like minded people through social media platforms and give the people a voice.
Assam medical Trust raises money to sponsor 81 (currently) students ( mostly girls) through English Medium Schools in 3 small towns in Assam. We have committed to keep the sponsorship going to year 13. We have no admin costs, just bank transfer of funds from here, and NZ dollars go a long way in Assam. We keep in regular contact with the three schools.
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I will distribute bags and ask for stuffed animals, toys, and games. Then I will give the donations to the Diamond Children's center.
We will collect infant clothing and blankets throughout the month of May. We will place 6 plastic bins with a flyers attached labeling the bins as the Hats for Hope Project. Emails will be sent to all families enrolled at Kids Express, with weekly reminders emailed to parents. Flyers will be posted in each classroom near entrance doors. Parents may drop off the lightly used, cleaned clothing in the nearest bin.
Our group of friends (The friends of the Hudad) are aiming to raise $50,000. We have received several donations but still more needs to be done. We are organising a Benefit concert on August 23, with local Ethiopian musicians and artists, and our local primary school (Clifton Hill primary) and Melbourne Girls' College (MGC) are involved as well . Once we have the money needed, Selam's and my family and friends will go to Ethiopia to help the community build the school. For more information follow our journey on www.facebook.com/friendsofthehudad
My project will start in early January, 2015 My project will empower students toward their education and career development. I am going to launch the project to the schools and advertise in street also in radio program. We will have the center for our program and store but by beginning we will hire a building.