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First, each Roots & Shoots member had to ask permission to host The Kindness Challenge in either their classroom at school or with an extracurricular group, such as Boy Scouts. Then, everyone created a Kindness Calendar--an advent-style calendar that contained a weekly idea of how to be kind, such as "switch off all the lights when you leave a room" or "give a classmate a compliment". The idea is to read the kind idea and then challenge their peers to complete it in a certain amount of time. To keep track, each member also made a Kindness Cup, so if a peer does the challenge, they can write how they completed it and put it in the cup. Before the next kind idea is read, members can count how many of their peers did the previous challenge and add an extra challenge of having more people complete it next time!
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The Pit Bull Awareness Campaign is a project with two goals. The first goal is to help out a local pit bull rescue group, and they chose Handsome Dan's Rescue which is based here in Rhode Island (http://www.handsomedansrescue.org). After looking at their Amazon Wish-List for needed items, each Roots & Shoots member created and set-up a collection box in their community so they could gather donations for Handsome Dan's Rescue. The second goal of the project is to educate their communities on pit bulls and the stereotypes that surround this misunderstood breed. To achieve this, the members created a survey link and posted it above donation boxes. The survey would allow people to safely submit their email address in return for educational information on pit bulls. Now the Roots & Shoots members are working on creating an engaging, informative and creative educational piece to send out!
My project is based on solid waste...... we can reuse & recycle the solid waste..... e can seprate biodegrable & non-biodegrable from very first stage.... from our homes, offices, colleges etc.
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We will join Two Hangry Chicks to package lentil casserole meals for local families.
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Build, decorate and display a Peace Pole and peace banner. Set up times with teachers to go into their classes and speak to students about the importance of peace and how the UN promotes this. Also reminder of the 3r's!
We want to raise funds to purchase three computers at first along with educational software and begin on a small scale to scope out the effectiveness of the teaching methods and the level of interest from the women. Hopefully we can give women who haven't had many chances in life an opportunity to better their future. Often these women leave Montserrat after a number of years and move on the England. With our program they will be able to immigrate with marketable skills that will help keep them and their children from becoming vulnerable to those who would seek to exploit them.
Es wird zunächst einen Aufruf geben, dass sich möglichst jeder Schüler/jede Schülerin an der Aktion beteiligt und das Wort "Respekt" in seiner Sprache notiert und unserer Gruppe zukommen lässt. Wir sind ein wenig abgekommen von der ursprünglichen Idee: stattdessen werden Collagen von Fotos der Schüler erstellt. Diese Fotos sind freiwillig und werden dann das Wort "Respekt" in unterschiedlichen Sprachen füllen. to be continued...
Here in Argentina, there is a children's hospital that collects bottle for earning money.
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I read Jane Goodall's book "Dr. White" by Julie Litty to the kids so that they could relate to how this little dog helped children in the hospital feel better. They decorated bags for Halloween and personalized them with messages to the kids. We filled the bags with miniature pumpkins, stickers to decorate those pumpkins, fall leaves from North Carolina (we don't have fall leaves in Florida :-), handmade felt mask that the kids decorated by sewing sequins on, activity books and stickers.
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With my project I plan to offer an outreach and education program to kindergarten through 12th grade students in the local area informing them of issues that impact their community and environment as well as ways they can help by becoming involved. Thus enabling a generation to move itself out of poverty by working toward its own community improvement. The ultimate goal is to resolve major issues plaguing the area such as excessive pollution and general litter along with a higher than state average poverty and drop out rates.