On December 6th 2014, people around the world will spend a few hours picking up litter in their street, neighbourhood, local park, beach, workplace school, or wherever they can, to make the world green and clean again, and safe for wildlife. A facebook event has been created: and an instagram account has been set-up:
United States
1. Learn and understand - all about an estuary, what is actually happening to the water of Long Island Sound, what impact do we the citizens have on it. 2. Students will be involved in citizen science project - A Day in the Life of the Nissequogue River, collecting samples for scientists. 3. Learning from New York State Department of Environment Education experts how to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of water entering the sound. Planning , taking the actions, and educating our community.
United States
We have a school garden established, we'd like to focus on composting, native plants, and hosting school tours/harvest feast.
The project target school children and young parents. We organize talks, outings and school activities to create an awareness.
It's already been started... a campaign has sprung in Bang Sai Witthaya School (Bang Sai District) in Ayutthaya Province. They are the first school to take action – where they developed a recycling program and brought awareness to their community.
Our group is working hard on promoting the 3 big Rs; by selling hand made materials, we are collecting money to promote the wetland conservation.
bogota, CAM Colombia See map: Google Maps Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Water Wildlife 1 Subscribe to group ...
Los Manglares school is transforming education in our city. An alternative school based completely on R&S curriculum. Students learn by community projects; parents, teachers and students involved in local intervention towards better conditions for environment, animals and peace among human beings. So far our biggest projects are Peace and conservation of the river Gaira in our city.