I will write a potential plan, I will approach the P&C in relation to same and if same is approved will invite parents and students to participate. I will start with year 1 - 3 and then move to other years. If the P&C refuses I may approach the City Council for some space to implement the project.
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Plan, plant, and harvest from our school garden.
Holiday Program at All Life Matters Sanctuary. A group of 16 to 18 children will be attending a holiday program at All Life Matters. The adult supervisor will assist the children in following the Roots and Shoots 4-step formula over a period of one week. Children will tour the facilities, be introduced to the various animals, be shown videos of Every Living Thing animal sanctuary in Dar es Salaam as well as Animal Ambulance rescue in Johannesburg. They will interview the various people working at the sanctuary, including the director, Moira. Once fully engaged they will map out the farm, observe areas that require improvement (this will also come from the various interviews on site). Children will decide on a short term remedy to complete during the holiday camp as well as long term ideas to continue supporting the animal haven following the service learning ethos of Roots and Shoots.
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We are going to help the city of calabasas plants trees at a middle school in the community and represent Roots & Shoots from our school.
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It will empower students to utilize various resources to map their community and to discover needs as well as resources.
We will announce Beach, Jungle, & Cenote clean up days, gather with trash bags, and clean up trash with gloves. We would love donations of gloves and plastic bags! Then, we will have a party at the end to celebrate, sharing food that participants bring. Kids will be the focus but of course adults are welcome (& necessary for support).
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We will plant California milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis) in the hopes that we can be part of a larger effort to provide habitat for Monarchs to reproduce, for the voracious larvae to feed, and to provide native habitat for other butterfly species, moths and the various insects and invertebrates that will take up residence in our “butterfly gardens.” The habitat created for Monarchs will also support the declining bee population.
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A group of homeschool/unschool kids to be a part of weekly projects that are centered around teaching compassion through helping areas of the community in need.
School Mission Bethany Pre and Primary School’s mission is to provide a safe and caring educational environment, which aims for excellence in achieving the following goals: Provide appropriate educational opportunities, which empower students to achieve their potential. Adhere to academic standards and curriculum as set out by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education. Contribute to character development, independence, and self-motivation. Encourage students to become self-reliant, open-minded, and productive citizens. Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect. Deliver instruction that encourages joy in learning. Develop awareness of sustainable development. Welcome children from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.