Here in Argentina, there is a children's hospital that collects bottle for earning money.
I am an EA in my own children's school. I will start a school club to bring awareness about different topics. It is a k-9 school.
United States
We will work with BiciCentro, a local bike organisation, to train students in all things bike, from repair to safety.
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My project is long-term, and has already begun. Late last spring I had planted corn crops for the first time in my life. I had no experience back then so I did not get the best crop results, but they were decent. Then I had realized that you can legally make fuel out of corn that is safe to use at home. At the same time you can also eat the corn, and dry some kernels for a new crop. Growing just corn is a highly efficient crop to grow because of the many uses. Recently I have had the desire to grow edible plants from the seed. Apples are one of my favorite fruits, and I learned how to grow them too. You take the seeds, put them in a moist paper towel, and let them in the fridge until they sprout. Then you place them in a pot, and the trunk will start. This way you will get a decent amount of wood, and lots of delicious apples which you can donate to the local food bank!
New Zealand
Each week, a surprise day of the week will be Litterless Lunch Day. An Enviro student will announce the Litterless Lunch Day at hui that day! Every Litterless Lunch Day, the teacher on lunch duty will take the bottle top box on duty with them. They will check students for zero waste lunches. If you have a litterless lunch, you can take a bottle top from the box and put in your class tin in your classroom! It doesn’t matter which colour! The first class to fill their tin to the top will be awarded The Litterless Lunch Cup at the next assembly, and the cup will stay in their class until the next class takes it. If more than one class reaches the top at the same time, the bottle tops will be counted! It takes about 100 bottle tops to reach the top of the tin, so it will take classes over a month to reach the top! Each term there will probably be one or two winners. For the old Zero Waste Lunch system we had to make tokens out of laminated paper all the time, which was wasteful. With our new Litterless Lunch system we can reuse the bottle tops and the cup over and over again, so it is sustainable. Good luck with your litterless lunching!
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The kids had a great time building their own nesting habitat and it allowed their creativity to show. Most of the kids recycled materials (soup cans, two liter bottles, etc.) to create a cylinder to hold bamboo and paper tubes. Some kids stated they wanted to build a wooden frame around their tubes and planned to finish their projects at home. To learn more about our project, read our blog post "Insect Hotels: Nesting Habitat for Mason Bees" [ ]
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Have someone at the trash/recycling/compost area after every lunch, telling people where the food or containers go. To have a group of people, everyday, take out the recycling or compost. We can use the knowledge of composting in our homes and potentially create a school garden that can grow food for the kitchen and use the compost to fertilize the soil.
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We have a school garden established, we'd like to focus on composting, native plants, and hosting school tours/harvest feast.
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Our Waterford School Roots & Shoots group wanted to present to preschool students the importance of recycling, composting, eating healthy and waste-free lunches.
The project target school children and young parents. We organize talks, outings and school activities to create an awareness.