Students in Grades 5 and 6 at Costa Verde International School will create a trash campaign to bring awareness around keeping common areas of the local town clean. Project will include working together with Entre Amigos, a local non-profit, to design and fabricate an up-cycled product that will be sold at Friday Markets (other venues to be determined) to raise funds. The proceeds from this product will go to helping develop trash collection stations within the school, and if the city allows other areas as well.
We will commission cigarette disposal units to be built locally and we will paint them with the club logo. We will then disperse them in the town and set up a schedule for emptying them.
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We are going to beautify our school by planting flowers and reusing materials, like rubber tires as planters. We will create colorful wooden gates to protect the plants. Finally we will create bird feeders and birdhouses out of recycled products to try and see just what kind of wildlife is in our environment.
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We created an activity book of puzzles and games for the children to learn about Earth Day and environmental issues.
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We will clean graffiti.