We will be creating a garden within the IGB International School area and display signs and facts about our environment. The project would then educate our students about our host nation (Malaysia) and could possibly encourage them to take action.
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We will conduct this project by having student complete the Roots & Shoots program and plant the garden in the Pikesville Middle school yard.
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We will grow our own food, sell it, and learn about healthy eating. Students will keep the books, order, figure out prices, run a cash register & produce scale. They will learn how to be sustainable.
We will do several fundraising projects in order to raise enough money to buy the necessary plants and tools in order to provide a better environment around our school. We will collect plastic bottle tops to create some recycled bottle top art to bring colour to our garden.
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We will track air pollution in our school starting within the classroom. We will start with one classroom, Map the classroom and measure how large the classroom is. Once we know how large it is, we will use simple steps to improve the ventilation of the room. We will add plants to the room, add a door stopper so that the room can get more air ventilation or an air filter. Our goal is to start small and work our way up. We plan to buy Air quality technology to monitor the classrooms improvement. After finishing one classroom we will move on to a classroom that is "ill" we will determine this by using our new air quality technology or air samples that we collect in our AP Environmental class. Also once we finish our classrooms we will move out of the classroom to our campus.
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This story will make information about sea turtles more accessible for children. We hope to share this story with the elementary school in our district. This will also be an opportunity for us to learn more about sea turtles.
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My Project will be a table themed like the Periodic Table of elements, and my the finished product (Table) will be used at my school (NLCS).
As Jane Goodall states in her Ted Talk WHAT SEPARATES US FROM CHIMPANZEES? - March 2002 a quotation from Mahatma Gandhi "If you look back through human history, you see that every evil regime has been overcome by good." Jane also states, "We can talk about the distant past, plan for the distant future, discuss ideas with each other, so that the ideas can grow from the accumulated wisdom of a group. We can do it by talking to each other; we can do it through video; we can do it through the written word. And we are abusing this great power we have to be wise stewards, and we're destroying the world. In the developed world, in a way, it's worse, because we have so much access to knowledge of the stupidity of what we're doing." It is my life purpose to share with all liked minded individuals, the solution to our worlds is time for the mass population to wake from its slumber and begin living life as it is meant to be lived...not as slaves to currency. By the way, when is the last time you held a gold coin in your hand? Or a dollar bill for that matter? Today's currency is held electronically, 1's and Zeros on a computer. Before the Government had to 'print' more money, now they can manipulate currency digitally. Gold was the only true currency of our ancestors, however, a Fiat Currency in the early 1900's was developed to assist with the cost of wars (WW1 & WW2), watch the youtube video "The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind - Who Owns the Federal Reserve? Hidden Secrets of Money, episode 4 has over 6,000,000,000 views. Together we can create a world that does not control humanity through currency. My purpose is to share how I found a higher level of thinking that we all have access to, but can only be achieved through finding the Truth, not through fear controlled government run societies! Please join me in creating Imagine Nation!
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Our project will do four things. 1) The participants will pick a topic they feel passionately about and will make a small poster about said topic. 2) In keeping with our understanding of ecophobia the poster will strive to utilize as positive a message as possible. 3) Each of the posters will utilize recycled materials when at all possible (ie. magazine words and pictures, etc). 4) When completed, all posters will then be attached to a much larger poster to be displayed for the public.