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Our project will educate the student body on vegan/vegetarian diets by handing out free vegan samples so people can get an idea of what vegans eat and handing out vegan pamphlets and recipes to try at home or with their families. We will also be giving out vegan nutrition guides to people so those who are interested in eating less meat can have a resource of knowledge available to them.
It will provide food and shelter for birds during cold days. We are going to be using basic tools and wood for the house.
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Our group will do monthly assessments, clean-ups and educational outreach in the Wissahickon Creek and watershed.
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Selin & I are going to build birdhouses & put them up in a local park with a high bird population & little trees to provide shelter & food for them.
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We have been learning about colony collapse and how bee populations are rapidly decreasing around the world. We want to play a role in the solution to this problem by planting pollination gardens at our school. We have studied the types of plants that appeal to bees and when they bloom since it is important that the bees have access to appropriate plants throughout the year. This is our class's part in the whole 4th grade project to design and build a full bee sanctuary that will include all the components bees need to thrive. It will also be a beautiful addition to our school grounds and our community.
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Our school has lots of gardens where we grow vegetables and flowers. Unfortunately, we have learned that bee populations, which are necessary for pollination and plant growth, are declining around the world. We have researched this issue, and our grade level has decided to plan and build a bee sanctuary behind our school to bring in more mason bees, which do not sting but are excellent pollinators. Our class's contribution will be building bee "hotels" for mason bees and placing them in our bee sanctuary.
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My project is taking the form of an independent study at school and has the following components: research, a paper, a film showing, and several final presentations. The film will be one that I feel is informative and accurate about palm oil production, and my plan is to set up a time after school where peers from my high school can come and watch. The final presentation will be a culmination of the research I do over the course of the semester and I'll be presenting it to the school I currently attend, the school I attended for lower and middle school, and a few others if I can get permission. The overall goal is to make this issue known to my local community and let them know how they can take action!
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We don't know yet.
United Arab Emirates
We organized an awareness campaign in a hypermarket located in Al Barsha, Dubai, to tell people about the ill effects of plastic on the environment. This marked the beginning of a new year for us. With a group of 12 students from different Dubai-based schools, we spoke to customers and requested them to take a pledge to reduce the usage of plastic and consider alternative options, because of the harm it causes to our planet. View the article on Gulf News The campaign called for an eye-opening conversation amongst my group of friends and we decided to take on a challenge of actively encourage people to build a safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.