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Use social and other forms of media to inform people about Ghaf trees and encourage them to plant them. Give out Ghaf seeds and plants Plant Ghaf anywhere possible
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When we were deciding how we wanted to help our local environment, one of the students (4 years old) said, "We use a lot of paper at school for drawing. I think we should plant a tree since paper comes from trees!" We decided that we would plant a tree on our playground as a way of saying "thank you" to the trees for providing paper and for allowing us to breathe clean air (which is especially important in big cities like NY!) I wanted the students to get experience with fundraising and working toward a goal. The students came up with a plan to have an Ice Cream Fundraiser and luckily for us, it was a beautiful, sunny day! We made over $300! This allowed us to purchase a Cherry Blossom Tree for our playground. Finally, I wanted the students to "get their hands dirty" and help plant the tree. On a rainy, New York day, the students worked hard to dig a hole for our new Cherry Blossom.
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We will be showing the movie Wall-E at our school while also holding a bake sale, which the money will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. The movie will be held in one of our classrooms, where students can watch it.
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We will be hosting a panel discussion at the state capital which will include Dr. Laura Nelson, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Jeff Silverstrini, Mayor of Millcreek, Robert Davies, Physicist at Utah State University, Anna Wilder, BYU Student and President of the Climate Change Club, and Mark Burdge, Senior Executive Consultant for Evergreen CEM. We will also have a virtual statement given by Congresswoman Mia Love, a member of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus.
Students explore the topic of climate change in relation to the aircraft industry. The focus will be in use of increased eco-sustainable fuels with the aim of devising new solutions to reduce human environmental impact. Science, eco-sustainability and new technologies are the key words of this project!
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We will show it in the school library and hold a bake sale outside advertising the movie. Any kids wanting to see it after school could come to the movie and/or support the parks and buy things at the bake sale.
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Promote climate change awareness. Reduce our dependency on non renewable resources. Clean up out community. Maintain the garden. Host a meeting for the students and staff to explain what we are doing and why. Create announcements and posters to promote the event. Encourage students in all grade levels to participate
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Students are working on awareness projects first. Students will then create solar projects to show other students and the community how alternative sources can be used to power our lives.
We will buy materials and carbon monoxide detectors for people. We will raise funds with fundraising events to make money and spread awareness about the issue. We will start by raising funds inside of our school, if we see that it is going well we will try to make the project larger and try to raise even more funds.