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We will be going around schools and going to different social groups and doing presentations on the public activities that you can do to protect wild places and land.
PROJECT ACTIVITIES 1. Research and introduce briquette for use both at households and small-scale industries to solve the ever-soaring prices and shortages of other fuel sources. 2. Training and equip rural communities especially women and women groups with skills of making briquette charcoal pellets as an affordable cooking fuel sources. 3. To establish a rural small scale factory to produce briquette, while creating employment to the local people and many youth who have just completed high school institutions. 4. Plant 3000 trees in the degraded areas of Kisanga and help to conserve the forests by introducing and teaching households surrounding the forests new innovation of briquette fuel making and producing energy saving cooking stoves. Thus exploiting children's potential to be changing agents in our communities for sustainable development while addressing climate change challenges in our deprived society
Planting season in Haiti begins in April. Haiti Plunge Inc. sends teams of high school and college youth to Haiti eight times annually. An American high school team will be in Haiti April 15 - 24, 2016. The team will work with Haitian secondary students from our cooperative to purchase, distribute and assist the children with planting the Mango trees. The team will also teach the children the importance of controlling soil erosion and the relationship of the trees roots to the earth.
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Our project will be within the Roots & Shoots club. We will teach our members the value of community mapping in terms of our service projects. We will make 2 maps, one that is a drawing by hand and another electronic one.
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Youth will master drone operation skills for placement in the following careers, Agriculture and farming, Oil and Gas, Surveying and mapping inspectors.
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We will continue our restoration project, begun in 2011. We are removing invasive Scotch Broom from the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area which is visited by 100's of thousands people every year. We use manual tools and the hard-work and enthusiasm of 4th and 7th graders who are making a difference in their community.
My project will help young people out of poverty since introducing young people to do something with their hand to their lives ganger on site. I WANT THIS PROJECT CAN BE DONE WITH THE SUPPORT OF EVERYONE. with the media on any of these forms of everyone we will succeed this project. with the participation of each of you we will win this project make it happen. this project be done by building a craft and cultural center and the construction of an eco-village on the grounds of one hectare we already have. To strengthen the monitoring of this project we have a volunteer component that strengthens the ability of expertise, support, support by young expatriate world who come here to work on site in the project that will start in January 2016 that we have met the requiert funding for this project in place.
Our school will create a medicine wheel outdoor space in two phases. 1. Hard scaping working with the school forest, wetland and traditional grassy areas and playground to create a nature space. 2. Classroom projects; planning and planting 4 areas, earth, wind, fire and water, to correspond with the medicine wheel. 3. Education, understanding and leading our community of learners through the next years to sustain our water, soil, plants and animals respecting nature and our role and interrelationships within the web to all living and non living elements.
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Raise awareness in our local and surrounding community. We will have an ariticle published in our local town magazine with a readership of 30,000 people. We will sell Seedlings for seedlings - growing seedlings to sell to our community to raise money for the Kadoorie Conservation China organisation to grow and plant new seedlings in the Bawangling National Nature Reserve. Create a facebook page to raise awareness. Share presentation of Powtoons and keynotes that gives information to other local students and people. Create a website to share our information. Maybe go to Hainan. Design and purchase tshirts (made from bamboo and charcoal) with information on the gibbons and sell them. TELL EVERYONE about the Hainan Black Crested Gibbon.
Starting off, the students will work in teams to highlight the issue of deforestation and specific effects on local communities--especially farmers, students, and the environment. Then, after drafting papers, they will make presentations among their peers and finally to their community. They will then plan a day of community gathering where they will make their presentations to community leaders and their families and plant tree saplings around their targeted area of their school and a local forest.