Our first step was to raise money for the project. We did this by selling potted crocus plants on Women's Day. Now, we are waiting for the weather to improve so we can work with a local community group to clean up an empty block and make it clean, safe play area.
We believe in interdisciplinariety, that's why we are always working not only with biologists, but also with anthropologists, artists, actors, psychologists, lawyers, etc. We really take advantage of being at a University. We have offered conferences from all over the discplines, concerts, urban agriculture, creation of libraries for children, theatre to enviromental education, botanical workshops, art expositions, we've worked with scientists in order to create conservation plans. We just want one thing: inspire people and let them understand nature is beautiful!
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South Sudan
• Raising awareness of environmental issues in all sectors of the populations in the South Sudan regarding of Geographical boundary, cultural belief, gender etc. • Working with other partners in the re-integration of communities to minimize the negative environmental impacts of reconstruction, recovery and developmental projects; • Promoting sustainable livelihoods for environmental protection and conservation through community-based initiatives, such as agro forestry, apiculture and others; •
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We will create a map of the recreational and learning spaces around the area our school serves. Students will also map the recreational spaces they most frequently use. After that we will survey the school and surrounding community to see what types of activities we would like to see held and what type of space will be needed. Once we have that information, we will partner with the local government, religious and business organization to finalize a proposal and seek funding/support. Finally we will construct the spaces and create programing for them.
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We spent several meeting times walking the school grounds with paper, clipboards, and pencils. We each sketched and labeled what we found. These individual maps will be combined into a comprehensive map of the school by a smaller group of members. We hope we will be able to display this in the school, and that it can be reproduced for use by the school and the community.
Children act against climate change.
We will: * Cut and pull invasive weeds around the south end of the lake where a community park is being created * Rake debris from the trails and small grassy patch * Put up owl nesting boxes * Plant appropriate wild flowers * Create bug hotels * Remove man-made waste
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We will participate in the annual The Great American Cleanup the weekend of May 16, 2015 and follow with a youth group planting project in the next 90 days.
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We will have all the kids in all the apartment complexes around us to plant gardens that will grow the tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, spices, carrots, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries and other food to make healthy pizza and fun salads, have them make and eat their foods, and then go deliver healthy pizza and fun salads to other kids in the neighborhoods who don't eat healthy.