Clean the forest and try to find the relationship among the fallen leaves,weeds,trees and animals.
It will be a video that explains my point of view of where we went wrong and what is wrong and how it could be in the future; both good and bad, but only if we change.
For this project, we will first need to get land somewhere that is convenient and accessible to all people. We may have to write a letter to the government to provide us with this piece of land, and raise donations for other expenses. After that, for a whole day or more, we will welcome members of the community to help prepare and plant the park. After everything has grown- which should take no more than 3 months-, the park will be open to the public. To maintain the park, it will be divided into different sections and each section will be put up for adoption, so the park will be run by the community. We will also employ the local unemployed people in the community to help maintain the park.
Our group of friends (The friends of the Hudad) are aiming to raise $50,000. We have received several donations but still more needs to be done. We are organising a Benefit concert on August 23, with local Ethiopian musicians and artists, and our local primary school (Clifton Hill primary) and Melbourne Girls' College (MGC) are involved as well . Once we have the money needed, Selam's and my family and friends will go to Ethiopia to help the community build the school. For more information follow our journey on www.facebook.com/friendsofthehudad
United States
This year we have made 12 visits to B-Street, starting in the Fall with harvest and ending with our last meeting in June there. We have harvested crops, mulched fields, weeded, planted crops, built "willow houses", cooked in a cobb oven & on "rocket stoves", made "stone soup" for homeless women's shelter, built a butterfly / beneficial insect flower garden, made "mason bee" houses, studied pond life & cycles, and learned how to care for rabbits & bunnies. It has been wonderful to have a "place" to learn from and put our efforts toward making a difference. Our visits have been after-school events. As an added benefit, it has introduced Roots&Shoots families to this great community resource.
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Worcester's poor neighborhoods suffer disproportionate exposure to urban environmental health and social problems. We mainly work in the Main South and Piedmont neighborhoods, which have elevated exposure to health risks, particularly lead contamination. Soil contamination is an environmental justice issue, because it disproportionately impacts low-income communities of color in Worcester. According to the US census of 2010, 27% of individuals in the Worcester’s Main South neighborhood, where this community live, are below poverty level compare to 19% in the entire city. Older housing stock and the highway that cuts through the Main South neighborhood has also contributed to soil pollution by lead and other contaminants. As cities have far less green space than rural and suburban areas, it is of utter importance that what green space exists is suitable for use. We will educate, raise awareness, and take action with Worcester residents to reduce lead contamination in Main South and Piedmont area soils. We will do hands-on workshops that include soil sampling, interactive activities and distribution of Do-It-Yourself Lead Safe Yard Manuals. Specific action steps: --8 participatory workshops reaching 80 people, teaching them how to identify soil contaminants --12 youth trained as leaders in community environmental action --2 door-to-door outreach sessions alerting residents in high-risk areas of possible contamination, resources available and steps they can take to make safe yards --2 yards remediated --1 demonstration garden site --65 Do-It-Yourself Lead Safe Yard Manuals distributed
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