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We would create a Power point presentation, outlining who we are, the work that we do, include some info on Jane Goodall, her life & work. We will then introduce the Roots&Shoots organisation, & give examples of projects already in progress. We will then get the interested individuals to come up with their own projects & we will then guide, assist & monitor their progress. This would be ongoing but probably need 1 year to visit all schools in our town.
United States
We plants edible fruits and vegetables and feeds hundreds of families and individuals in Michigan through our program. Helping Hands Fruits and Vegetable Garden will continue to plant fresh fruits and vegetables to help feed hungry families and individuals in Michigan.
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A group of us will take a van into Boston to spend the day volunteering.
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We will put up posters and stand outside with signs to get people to donate used electronics.
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My project will educate kindergarteners to 2nd graders about the environment. I plan to achieve this by reading out loud books about topics such as climate change, endangered animals, etc. This will take place at a public library. At the end, we will do a activity to help the environment. Hopefully by the end of the session, kids will understand what we need to do for our planet.
From 2017 to 2020, I will start from their own, to protect the environment, love flowers and plants, when the new year does not set off fireworks and firecrackers, to remind the people around, join hands to build a better home.
Over the next few days, it is expected to be very hot and very humid. Yes, we all have fans, water, ice blocks, pools, and air-con, but did you ever think about those who don't have these things? They may get sick if they don't stay cool! So if you see a homeless person out somewhere, give a thought to them and give them your water, or get them an ice block. they will appreciate it, promise!
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With the help from students at Lake Forest Academy and Lake Forest Country Day School, we made homemade Valentine's Day packages with up lifting messages and fun items for the children to enjoy. I will deliver them to the children on Valentine's Day.
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My project will provide healthy food to our students and their family, as well as provide a wildlife way station area to increase biodiversity at our site. We plan on holding farmer's markets with a "take what you need, give what you can" philosophy. We also plan on educating our community about wildlife and how to support our native plants and animals. We would like to grow our garden as a community, and include not only our students but their families and community members as well. Our garden will provide hands on educational opportunities for students as well as a chance for them to support and help their community. In order to make this happen, we need to add drip lines and timers to grow our garden, and enable us to use water efficiently. We also need drip lines in order to sustain our garden over school breaks. We also would like to add additional edible and native plants in order to increase our ability to produce and harvest food for our students and their families.
Nzondahaki secondary is having a large portion of land with access to Nzovwe river which is passing nearby the school compound. so, for that reason we decided to form a group together with the aids of information we got from ROOTS AND SHOOTS, so as to transform the knowledge of organic agriculture to the students by hoping that after they graduate they can be able to preserve people`s healthy through organic food. We will start the project by simply inviting the organic agriculture experts to teach us how organic foods are produced, the best crops to be produced, how to control pest, natural fertilizers, and market opportunities. also, we will write a proposal to ask the assistance/aid of agricultural tools like hoes, water pumps and pipes, buckets, etc. After that, we will arrange the time table of attending at the farm that will be suitable to the students (clubbers) without interfering the academic performances. Then, to maintain disciplines and seriousness to students (clubbers), we will also write a formal constitution to be followed by both of us. Thank you. written by YUSUPH LUZIGA, Nzondahaki secondary school, Mbeya - Tanzania. email address