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We have crafted a bike rack proposal and will present it to the administration.
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For the third year now, the Tom McCall Roots&Shoots group has planned to take 3 field trips to Nana Cardoon Urban Farm and Learning Center. Our primary objective would be to explore and have “hands on” experience with natural food systems. Nana Cardoon offers a rich environment for developing understanding of plant growth, harvest, processing, preservation, and preparation. A secondary objective would be developing deeper connections to our community and its assets. Expanding our understanding of Forest Grove will help us develop meaningful community projects.
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Students will run a food drive, gather food, and deliver it to the two food pantries.
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The young entrepreneurs will be engaging with their local communities through the Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit. Planned events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals build on the SDG "Heroes for Change" comic series where the participants will earn a badge for each of the Sustainable Development Goal activities that they participate in - eg Mother Earth Day and World Environment Day (22 April and 5 June) which support Goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action - both days are focussed on Act to end Plastic - Beat Plastic Pollution.
School Mission Bethany Pre and Primary School’s mission is to provide a safe and caring educational environment, which aims for excellence in achieving the following goals: Provide appropriate educational opportunities, which empower students to achieve their potential. Adhere to academic standards and curriculum as set out by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education. Contribute to character development, independence, and self-motivation. Encourage students to become self-reliant, open-minded, and productive citizens. Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect. Deliver instruction that encourages joy in learning. Develop awareness of sustainable development. Welcome children from a variety of backgrounds and faiths.
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We will use Philosophy for Children and Critical Thinking Skills to explore the causes of food poverty. We will speak to farmers and examined statistics looking at trends over time. We will examine our findings and see what action we can take locally in both school to address the problem.
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Our project will provide food and fellowship to the homeless population of greater Fort Worth, Texas. We will be cooking the food on grills and then taking it downtown. We will set up a line for them to walk through and encourage them as they walk through. We will spend time with them as they are eating and afterwards to help build them up.
We will put on a presentation for other classes in the school, to let them know what germs are, how easily those germs can be spread and what happens to our bodies when germs get inside. The students will then put on a hand washing demonstration to show others the proper way to get all the germs off our hands. We will also show what to do when we are sick to help protect our friends from getting those same germs into their bodies.
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Our wish for this project is to increase awareness about the lack of shoes for many people in our community and with that awareness, hopefully there is a desire to partner with us to donate shoes and create an on-going dialogue about health, poverty and wellness.