New Zealand
Following our waste audit we found excessive amounts of paper in the recycling that hadn't been used to its full potential. We care about trees, and even though recycling is wonderful- we want to use every piece of paper as best we can before putting it in the recycling bin!
The global goal: to have people share photos where they care for the environment, make it a new trend in selfie photos The local goal: to not be indifferent and hopeless about the mess around me, engage people in "clean up" meetings aimed to show a positive example
I've created lessons which we use more technology devices rather than papers. All lecture notes will be available in our Facebook group, projects will be created by cell phones or other devices that has a camera for recording videos(students should create short films based on the topic of the lesson), class quizzes will perform online and the only way I'll use paper is for homework(some questions related to the day's lecture) that's unfortunately a rule I can't change as the school needs a type of evidence(so called notebooks and homework) to be sure we are doing our jobs. Hope I can help a little to our mother Earth!
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It will last all year and it will involve getting each grade to go through this process and develop unique projects
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My project, "Clean Up!", will encourage kids and adults of all ages to join our group, and help us keep Tennessee clean! I will do it by advertising the State Wide Clean Up Day in as many newspapers I can, then I will gather all the voulenteers I can get and start the Clean Up! by everyone bringing anything they can put trash in and get to work!
It's already been started... a campaign has sprung in Bang Sai Witthaya School (Bang Sai District) in Ayutthaya Province. They are the first school to take action – where they developed a recycling program and brought awareness to their community.
For this project to be successful I will advertise in my school and around the area where I live until I reach my target. I will then send these phones off to be recycled.
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We are going to beautify our school by planting flowers and reusing materials, like rubber tires as planters. We will create colorful wooden gates to protect the plants. Finally we will create bird feeders and birdhouses out of recycled products to try and see just what kind of wildlife is in our environment.
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Create a garden with fruits and vegetables and use old pallets to make the planters.
Hi! I am Gina Barker, a kindergarten teacher at the International School of Dakar in Senegal. As part of the unit of study entitled "Our Environment" our kindergarten class will organize and conduct a bake sale to raise funds for an organization (Nébéday) that helps to restore and protect the biodiversity of Mangrove forest habitat in Senegal while also educating the local community about conservation.