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My project will get the supplies(food, water, blankets, beds) for animals at a local animal shelter. I will ask for donations at my school, and other places. Also, I hopefully will be able to get started with a 200 dollar mini-grant!!!!
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CMS Pet Palooza: the sponsored organizations have a table at the event with volunteers. CMS students invited to bring dogs and participate in dog shows. Teachers judge. More info here http://animalsandplanet.weebly.com/.
We meet once a week throughout the school year (Sept. - June)
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We are going to identify several native butterfly species and then research the types of plants they eat. Then we are going to look up what those plants need to grow and be healthy and plant them around our backyard!
my project is going to take in a lot of people( only if they like dogs ) and we are going to make a plan of how we are going to save the dogs, because we cannot just take them from the street by hand. our plan will be: 1. we will map arusha and see where the most street dogs are located. 2. we will browse through arusha and maybe even moshi for animal shelters and hospitals. they will hopefuly help us because they have experience. 3. we will with all hope start saving the dogs and bring them to the shelters and hospitals. Our budget that is needed we can get by advertising to donate and ask the pet shelters. this may all sound impossible to you, but i really want this dream to come true so we can save the earth and set an example to the others. people will have many questions, but through the process we will make mistakes and make new ideas for the plan.
I made a video clip, which you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=frriXndvLfo&list=UUaLtukcyadNfsMl5bCHeGLQ (in the original german version) or here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upMizdWjmn4&list=UUaLtukcyadNfsMl5bCHeGLQ in the english version. My tip: watch the german version anyways, even if you don't understand, because my dog was so funny in that one! The dogs in the video, showing the unwanted behavior are trained. They show the behavior on cue, that was for gaining attention, so people will listen to the message that follows. In 2012 I launched with some other trainer a movement called „Trainieren statt dominieren“, which is for positive reinforcement using dog trainer. Until now, we do have 148 dog trainer listed in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg which obligate themselves to work absolutely force free. After making the video, I posted it on facebook. After just one day, it had 666 views and I received a lot of emails. Getting so much feedback of my colleagues, which are planning to show off their training, doing wonderful training clips and sharing their experiences and methods with interested dog owners, can make a big difference in future. Imagine you search for trainings tips through youtube and type in for example “walking on loose leash” and the first 30 or so hits, are training tips which use positive reinforcement: This will be a big change. Use your brain: train!
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I will raise money through bake sales and selling stuffed animals and other fundraisers to rescue horses directly from the slaughter pipeline.
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Acquire funds through different activities, and promote the project with informational brochures/ school seminars about the current overpopulation of strays in the island.
This project is to set up a playgroup where the focus of the play based learning is on animals and sustainability. The playgroup will educate young children, whilst also raising funds to make the NGO mei - Multispecies Education International, financially sustainable. The NGO (or Yayasan, as it is called in Indonesia) mei is committed to supporting the community to live with a biodiversity of animal species, but we recognise that the environment, people and animals are all interconnected so our education and community development program is based on an Eco-Health model. This means we support communities to have a healthy environment, and we care about the health and welfare of people, as well as animals. Our education and community development program is organised around 12 topics – Healthy Environment (Air, Water, Waste, Plant Biodiversity, Food, Energy), Healthy People (Culture, Language, Health & Well Being) and Healthy Animals (Animal Health, Animal Biodiversity, Living with Animals). We are currently building a new sustainable Multispecies Education Center in Bali, very close to the main entrance to Green School www.greenschool.org and we will be locating the playgroup there. We are due to open on 18th August and will offer 5 free scholarship places to local Indonesian children.