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Build, decorate and display a Peace Pole and peace banner. Set up times with teachers to go into their classes and speak to students about the importance of peace and how the UN promotes this. Also reminder of the 3r's!
Es wird zunächst einen Aufruf geben, dass sich möglichst jeder Schüler/jede Schülerin an der Aktion beteiligt und das Wort "Respekt" in seiner Sprache notiert und unserer Gruppe zukommen lässt. Wir sind ein wenig abgekommen von der ursprünglichen Idee: stattdessen werden Collagen von Fotos der Schüler erstellt. Diese Fotos sind freiwillig und werden dann das Wort "Respekt" in unterschiedlichen Sprachen füllen. to be continued...
First we have to find a place for animals such as a shelter or a community center. Find a natural area in which we could plant trees and help our environment. Foster the right use of trash cans and recycling centers.
To put our project into action we will create a number of peace centered initiatives as a class. These may include but are not limited to; understanding peace, accepting others for who they are in peaceful coexistence, understanding respect for nature and others. Offering leadership opportunities for all children in the class to share peace in their school community and work as peace mediators on the playground.
The other help
My project is working in the field meeting and organized the human rights activities, education activities, human rights essay competition, human rights training and workshop etc.
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We will gather all recycled materials to build a peace dove utilizing plans found on line.
We meet once a week throughout the school year (Sept. - June)
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Spread the message of peace through a free, fun family event culminating in the flying of our giant peace dove on a walk to the beach.
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I will become a mediator. I would try to reduce any conflict among people from now on.