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Spread the message of peace through a free, fun family event culminating in the flying of our giant peace dove on a walk to the beach.
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I will become a mediator. I would try to reduce any conflict among people from now on.
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we will be making the giant peace doves and will be flying them in our field at our housing project.
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you will write down 1 problem u see each day. after 5 days u pick out the most serous problem and find a soulution to it and report your solution to me and how u dealed with the problem (contact me at tcat4912@icloud.com)
On 21st September, we will promote a march to UNESCO's portuguese headquarters asking them to promote "Education for Peace". We will carry the giant peace dove and have already invited all Roots and Shoots groups to join us
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I will help to get the word out. I will lead them in Sing for the Climate and upload photos and videos to the FutureFlash! Project on facebook and twitter. And during lunch I will project facebook and twitter posts from the Peoples Climate March in New York City.
It will be a video that explains my point of view of where we went wrong and what is wrong and how it could be in the future; both good and bad, but only if we change.
To me, compassion is "to suffer with" meaning to understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it. Feeling compassion is “putting on other‟s shoe” or ‟live‟ the other‟s life. I am a graduate in Psychology from University of Dhaka, working in Bangladesh Navy as psychologist. I learned compassion from my family. I lost my father in 1971 war and was reared by mother and grandmother. I started practicing “compassion” since 1996 as an active member of a university student organization. We mostly work for underclass people. I do my part as follows: (1) Free counseling to poor people. (2) Free career counseling to young students. (3) Awareness building (education, health etc) for slum dwellers. (4) Sponsoring few poor students. (5) Dispensing surplus ration to the needy people. It doesn't cost much to practice compassion – just need an empathetic heart inside. I personally believe in humanity. Serving others is serving God. Practicing compassion is not a new concept to me. "He prayeth best, who loveth best"
BFV ambassadors are organising an event to celebrate the international day of Peace on 21st september. We are calling on different organisations and youth to come with us to make an event where we will invite families, friends, children, parents, grand parents to be together and celebrate peace with food, music, dance and much more. We are organising a fair where toys/books/clothes will be exchanges (opening a new GIVEBOX in our city) and also giving information about the work we believe in.
Do you remember a moment in which someone, without any obligations, had a gesture of kindness or compassion to you? Who did it felt? You can infer where this is going, the point is grabbing a piece of paper and write something kind to someone else and give it to him, and you can do it in two ways: Leaving the piece of paper somewhere in the street (for example, bus stop, public phones, on a mailbox…) or give it directly to someone you know is having a tough moment and will benefit of being the receptor or a compassionate act (it could be a face-to-face deliver or you can do it in a more subtle way (for example, leaving it in his/her bag, door, notebook…) On the paper, you can write anything you want, recognizing that just as you, it’s probable that the person who reads it had experienced recent discomfort, maybe in that exact moment he or she is experiencing pain… and that just as you, that person wants to be free from suffering. You can write a poem, a phrase, maybe just a “have a nice day”, whatever you think might help that person…