BFV ambassadors are organising an event to celebrate the international day of Peace on 21st september. We are calling on different organisations and youth to come with us to make an event where we will invite families, friends, children, parents, grand parents to be together and celebrate peace with food, music, dance and much more. We are organising a fair where toys/books/clothes will be exchanges (opening a new GIVEBOX in our city) and also giving information about the work we believe in.
Do you remember a moment in which someone, without any obligations, had a gesture of kindness or compassion to you? Who did it felt? You can infer where this is going, the point is grabbing a piece of paper and write something kind to someone else and give it to him, and you can do it in two ways: Leaving the piece of paper somewhere in the street (for example, bus stop, public phones, on a mailbox…) or give it directly to someone you know is having a tough moment and will benefit of being the receptor or a compassionate act (it could be a face-to-face deliver or you can do it in a more subtle way (for example, leaving it in his/her bag, door, notebook…) On the paper, you can write anything you want, recognizing that just as you, it’s probable that the person who reads it had experienced recent discomfort, maybe in that exact moment he or she is experiencing pain… and that just as you, that person wants to be free from suffering. You can write a poem, a phrase, maybe just a “have a nice day”, whatever you think might help that person…
United States
I would like to publish a vegetarian cookbook, compiling recipes from vegetarian cooks in Portland and beyond and sell the book to raise money to "adopt" apes through the Jane Goodall's "become a chimp guardian program." 13 girls have joined the effort so far. We've sent out requests for recipes to chefs around the world and the recipes have started pouring in. Next steps: start cooking! We need to take photos of each dish and begin illustrating the book. A fun way to use the cold, rainy winter weekends in Oregon!
September . using sports to create awareness of recycling and promote peace. the community are interested in sports which i will use to bring them together and make them aware why recycling is necessary.
To share Dr. Goodall's message of hope, connection, and peace.
This is a project of faith, so we need lots of it. The idea is to fill the world of good wishes, positive thoughts, put off the anger and negative thoughts. For this, each of us must start changing the way we see God, who is love, is faith. I think God is energy, like our thoughts. If we want the property to another, the energy is returned to us and likewise if we are wrong. We are creating this energy we call love and learn to use it, at this point my project is based. Many parents telling their children grow up, do not touch this is bad, if you do God will punish you. God is love, not punishment, should be teaching children to grow up with positive thoughts, so that the world will grow in faith, love, and above all, with happy people who respect the world and brings everything which is not only humans, animals deserve to think in a different way, to stop the war and conquest of land. Money does not move the world, it is faith. create faith school where all children will be invited to talk about how they feel to God, regardless of religion that they have. We will teach them that love is in the world, animals, ourselves, are made with love and are a reflection of this. For that use creativity and of course games. they love to play. Games consist express to others the love and faith of children, not only to people, this faith must be transmitted to animals, trees, insects and plants. whenever intersect with any of the already mentioned above, MUST deliver or thought or a word of love, of faith or positivism. We will tell the children that the reward can not be seen and can only feel when they finally reveal the prize, tell them that what they have done has helped the world and therefore ourselves because we are a reflection of what think and what we want. Therefore they are winning the most important of this world, happiness.
South Korea
My project is to show the world that our country has Dokdo, and it has nothing to do with Japan and other countries. I would like the people who read this to feel the way we koreans do everytime someone says Dokdo is Japan's. WE KNOW that this island is ours, and we will do our best to prove this.
United States
I will get together a group of my friends then i will explain to them I'm doing this project so if we see some one in our class getting bullied we will help that kid which means talking to them and talking to the bully and if that does not work get a teacher involved.
The first idea was a selfie-contest. The students had to shoot selfies with an aspect of "against racism". Die Idee war zunächst ein Selfie-Wettbewerb. Die Schüler sollten Selfies schießen vor dem Hintergrund "Gegen Rassismus".
United States
Every year our Roots & Shoots groups learns to fold Origami Peace Cranes, as well as the story of "Sadako and the Thousand Cranes" and how it connects to the international child's peace project. We also have explored this story through the song by Fred Small called "Cranes Over Hiroshima". We share what we have learned with other groups and the public every chance we get throughout the year.