United States
To break the spell of convenience and encourage everyone that we can to make plastic magically disappear from their daily lives. Locally: We will help with efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics where we live in Bend, Oregon. Globally: We will craft a way to help raise awareness about WHY and HOW we can reduce plastic use. We are starting with upcycled reusable produce bags!
United States
A group of volunteers will help to renovate (and then maintain) the edible garden using recycled supplies. When vegetables/fruit are ready to be harvested, they will be given to the local zoo, so that the wild animals' food is fresh. Some of the plants include figs, beets, banana tree leaves, corn stalks, and catnip.
United States
Our students are going learn about what it takes to make grow and harvest their own vegetables. To do this, we will build and maintain a raised garden bed, learn about different plant, how they grown, and how we can help other's with what we are learning.
United Arab Emirates
We organized an awareness campaign in a hypermarket located in Al Barsha, Dubai, to tell people about the ill effects of plastic on the environment. This marked the beginning of a new year for us. With a group of 12 students from different Dubai-based schools, we spoke to customers and requested them to take a pledge to reduce the usage of plastic and consider alternative options, because of the harm it causes to our planet. View the article on Gulf News http://gulfnews.com/your-say/your-reports/raising-awareness-on-the-effects-of-plastic-1.1962054 The campaign called for an eye-opening conversation amongst my group of friends and we decided to take on a challenge of actively encourage people to build a safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.
New Zealand
Our project is achieved by a "Buy One Give One" model. This is where every time someone buys one of our menstrual cups (new name coming soon!) we will give one to a person in need. Organisations can then apply to us via our website for free cups to hand out to those who they think would benefit from owning one. This project officially launches on the 3rd of July 2017.
It is a film documentary project that will be divided in chapters. The first one will deal with food and energy inputs and how this energy is processed by the urban ecosystem, nurturing the whole bunch of especies that live and interact in the ecosystem. The project will be produced in July 2017 and we will need a group of collaborators for that matter. Volunteers interested in film making and our environment, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
We are building a garden tower out of repurposed goods. We will be learning about permaculture systems to help build a sustainable, thriving garden. Our goal is to keep our garden producing food throughout the year.
United States
KYE-YAC will once again team up with FIRST, an organization created by world renowned engineer and scientist, Dean Kaman. FIRST is an acronym for: (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science & Technology.) KYE-YAC will support FIRST teams in the World robotic competition by raising funding to help get a regional champion team to Houston to compete against international teams. Our support will allow a local/regional team to learn valuable STEM and life skills. They will also be eligible for over $50 million dollars in scholarships.
United States
Our team of volunteers will assemble at the Jackson House and begin to cook and package meals. Once the preparation process is finalized, the packed lunches will be distributed to impoverished members of the community.
United States
To educate the community about the importance of living healthy. TaylorAde Kids Club Wellness, Movement and Nutrition Clinic brings community partners together to service families and preschoolers with free dental screenings, Wellness check ups, healthy meal demos, and movement activities. Parent have the opportunity to sign up for WIC women,infants, and children nutrition program.