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First step will be to replenish the soil. We have already tested it for major nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium and found it to be seriously lacking in all three. In addition, as we took soil samples we did not find any insects or worms in the ground, it was that poor. After building the soil with organic materials, we will plant drought tolerant shrubs appropriate to our climate and the availability of water on our campus. These plants will eventually spread their roots systems and help keep the soil in place. Following the planting we will mulch the entire area to further combat the airborne dust that is such an environmental irritant to our students . Lastly we will create student maintenance teams to ensure the ongoing flourishing of the garden .
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We will make a garden in a box. Using compost and reusable resources.
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Students will conduct a sustainability audit of a local organization, undergo research and present recommendations on how to reduce the organization’s environmental impact. Students Will Be Able To: -Clearly explain sustainable solutions related to water, waste, energy and food, including how to approach them, why to approach them and the benefits of the practices. -Critically evaluate an organization's practices. -Compare and contrast organizational practices based on standard practices, best practices and what is needed to achieve a sustainable business economy. -Apply prior knowledge of environmental themes to create tangible recommendations. -Compile a written report with various courses of action, including references, photos and evidence. -Present their research to an authentic audience and follow up with the organization to record their impact.
We will sprout and plants avocado seeds with our environmental club on an ongoing basis.
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We will build small prototype vertical wind turbines. Based on existing wind data we will choose various locations around the island to test the the power generation potential of the turbine(s). The data will be utilized to determine the plausibility of supplying homes, neighborhoods, or villages with the wind turbine generated power.
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We will collect certain items to send back to Terracycle (for which we receive points). Kellogg's receipts will gain us points for tree-planting, as well. We will discuss further where our pennies will make the most positive impact.
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I will plant about 10 saplings in the school and talk the students on how they can help in saving the environment. This will help to combat climate change and make a difference in their lives.
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We a group of 11 students from different Dubai based schools took part in the recent Give a Ghaf Tree planting program organized by Goumbook. We planted Ghaf seeds in memory of the Republic Day of India. This Republic Day is special to us as His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan was the Chief Guest in this historic event. This day will be long lasting in our memory. View the article published in Gulf News http://gulfnews.com/your-say/your-reports/planting-trees-for-a-greener-future-1.1977246
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We will pick locations in our cities and plant trees and plants there.