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My students will plant a butterfly garden on our school grounds.
Hong Kong S.A.R., China
We hold this event once a year and return to the same beach to clean up the garbage on the beach. We split into small groups, with one trash bag per group, and hand out gloves. The groups then collect the trash in the bags and carry them uphill, where a garbage truck picks up the bags.
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This project will get the garden ready for the new plants by cutting back the dead plants. The garden is supposed to attract butterflies and bees, our pollinators.
Our project will strive to create a healthy habitat. We will visit the conservatory to learn more about butterflies. We will study our environment and how it will support the butterfly requirements. We will record our findings and make a butterfly log.
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We will plant! I plan on researching drought-resistant, hardy plants to put in the high traffic areas. Also, we will need to add some mulch and nutrient-rich soil to replace the sandy soil that's there now. Lastly, we'll add some sort of temporary barier so the plants can get some much-needed time to grow and prosper. This will take place during our annual school beautification day with students and parents from kindergarten to grade 6 volunteering.
• Make signs and posters to put around the green areas of our school saying: “Don´t tear the plants”, “Don´t play with the plants”, “Don´t touch the plants”, “Don´t eat the plants”. • Watering the plants and the tree: Have a class with a gardener that can explain to us how much water the plants need. Then we make a schedule to go around school watering the plants. • Plant seeds in the dirt areas (ex: next to the auditorium) We can bring seeds from home. The gardener would teach us how to plant them. • Visit the classrooms to explain our plant problems- visual media: PPT presentation, videos (acting), popplet, song. We could present it in the assembly – 3rd-5th grade Groups visit PK-2 grade classes. • Plant bodyguards: Everyday, three of us will bring a green t-shirt. In recess we will stand in the tree area, hall in front of the auditorium and hall in front of the cafeteria to protect the plants in these areas. (the whole class rotates so everyone can be a plant bodyguard).
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The Roots and Shoots class will be involved in building and painting a game of corn hole. We will put together a landscaping plan to submit to the children's home and then attend the green thumb festival and reach out to local Florida Native nurseries to purchase trees and plants that they approve. I will bring books to read to the kids about Monarch butterflies and gardens and then ask if any of them want to be involved in the actual planting. We will then plan a time that the children in the home who want to be involved can help us plant the butterfly and herb garden as well as any trees and plants. We will leave instructions on how to care for the plants and gardens. I will make follow up visits to help the children look for butterfly eggs and caterpillars and to encourage the use of the herbs in the garden as well as helping them make observations about the Florida Native plants and the wildlife that they are attracting. We would like to provide books to the Children's home on all of these topics as well as identification guides.
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Students, teachers, and parents will clear out the rusty and broken tables and chairs behind the middle school modual and will recycle as much as possible then discard the rest. We will also paint the plywood shak that is now standing in the middle of the middle school nutrition area, scrub down the lunch tables, and we will plant some CA native flowers in our relaxation area. We will also install a recycling center in these location so the nasty plastic bottles are nolonger on owr grounds or in our landfields.
We will start planting plants in our city and make all way beautiful. Our project starts now in spring and would complete in one to two months and after that we will take care for them.
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We volunteer our time preserving habitats & working together with others to clean up community parks in Philadelphia for the Fairmount Park Conservancy.