organising aa workcamp and plant many trees and creat some artistical works and sensibilize children and weman by making them part of the project from the beggining. many partners will be also part of this operation.
The global goal: to have people share photos where they care for the environment, make it a new trend in selfie photos The local goal: to not be indifferent and hopeless about the mess around me, engage people in "clean up" meetings aimed to show a positive example
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My project will keep your plants greens, the drinking water clean and the animals safe and healthy. What I can do is pick up glass and garbage, mow the lawn , trim the trees and pull out weeds.
Students will explore a small section of the Bargo river and produce digital objects to be be included in a virtual interactive river. Examples of digital objects are videos (documentaries), musical compositions, slide presentations, photographs, creative writing, field guides and models. The project encourages students to explore their academic and as such, provides opportunities to employ many of Gardner's Multiple intelligences. The project will result in a fully integrated interactive site that can be accessed by the public.
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We are creating a walking tour through the Garden highlighting 25 plants that have engaging animal stories. The stories share information such as how a particular animal pollinates the plant, uses it for food or shelter or any co-evolution stories we have. The self-guided tour will be handed out to visitors at the entrance and each plant will have a marker in the shape of the animal in represents to encourage visitors to think about plants as they would be used in their native environments and bring the discussion of animals into the Botanical Garden.
This project is to set up a playgroup where the focus of the play based learning is on animals and sustainability. The playgroup will educate young children, whilst also raising funds to make the NGO mei - Multispecies Education International, financially sustainable. The NGO (or Yayasan, as it is called in Indonesia) mei is committed to supporting the community to live with a biodiversity of animal species, but we recognise that the environment, people and animals are all interconnected so our education and community development program is based on an Eco-Health model. This means we support communities to have a healthy environment, and we care about the health and welfare of people, as well as animals. Our education and community development program is organised around 12 topics – Healthy Environment (Air, Water, Waste, Plant Biodiversity, Food, Energy), Healthy People (Culture, Language, Health & Well Being) and Healthy Animals (Animal Health, Animal Biodiversity, Living with Animals). We are currently building a new sustainable Multispecies Education Center in Bali, very close to the main entrance to Green School and we will be locating the playgroup there. We are due to open on 18th August and will offer 5 free scholarship places to local Indonesian children.
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By tending to our area, planting specific nectar plants that support the monarch and maintaining the area.
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My project, "Clean Up!", will encourage kids and adults of all ages to join our group, and help us keep Tennessee clean! I will do it by advertising the State Wide Clean Up Day in as many newspapers I can, then I will gather all the voulenteers I can get and start the Clean Up! by everyone bringing anything they can put trash in and get to work!
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I will remove buck thorn, which is one of the most aggressive invasive species in my region. Around the natural pond in the preserve there are willows and other noninvasive species that are being smothered by the buck thorn. Almost five years ago a tornado traveled directly through the land and killed many of the pine trees, I will work to remove the dead and fallen trees to restore the peaceful serenity in the preserve.
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I would like to create a California native plant /xeriscape (low water use) park, that will provide habitat to our diverse wildlife, as well as a learning tool to educate the community on the importance of eliminating the use of Turf grass in landscapes to conserve water. I will accomplish this by helping to organize a team of landscape architects, volunteers, and donors from varying fields whom may share in my vision of a place that I like to call. the Freelands park Thank you, Jerred Branch *I am NOT writing as a representative of RSABG