we are three members.we will start from schools and daycares to tell childern about oral health and go to shelter houses.we will provide them tooth brushes and toothpaste.
United States
We will hold a collection drive at school and partner with clubs at our school to collect more candy for these two great causes.
United Kingdom
Gatherings for the London youth in Brick Lane, demonstrating their actions, giving them a platform to campaign on to the city workers.
We are constructing a box for our school. In this box we will collect german "Pfandflaschen" directly translatet to "deposit bottles". For every bottle you get in Germany 25cent back. These bottles will be recycled. We donate the money to Mary´s Meals. With 25cent you can support a child 5 days with food!
United Arab Emirates
It will enable people and students to stay healthy and fit. I will do it by teaching simple exercises and karate steps to my schoolmates.
United States
We will create a community of students, parents, teachers, and all school staff that is engaged in learning about ways to take care of ourselves and each other by creating a garden together and learning about how to better care for our environment.
United States
We will build a garden in the back yard of the school that is fenced to keep out the deer that are prevalent eaters here, with raised beds to be used for planting in the spring of 2018. The garden will be built by parent volunteers from our school, including members of the newly formed Green Committee. The design for the garden will be a collaborative effort between parents, teachers, and children.
United States
This garden will produce food for the community. These crops will go to the local food pantry, community kitchen, and senior center, as well as other places that provide food for those who need it. To achieve this, I will have to build an outdoor garden that will be functional during the cold months in New England.
United States
In this garden, we offer hands on science lessons where we talk about the dynamics of ecosystems and discuss the individual plants in the garden. The students can also come into the garden during lunch and other breaks to maintain the garden, water the plants, or just hang out.
United States
This project will help out our community, because we will grow crops then we will being then to a donation center so people in our community in need can get them.