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The Roots & Shoots club will collaborate to come up with fun activities to hold each day and causes to benefit from these activities.
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'Finding Inner Piece' is a program that is designed to educate and inspire a diet that is earth sustainable and cruelty free..... to help children and adults connect with the energy in our earth through growing their own food and gain a respect for the planet on which we are visitors. We are focused on compassion for all sentient beings and focused on building a sense of community and peace through tolerance and working together for the good of the whole. Gardening skills and creating a community garden Knowledge of a more healthy plant based diet Cooking classes with parents and children with 2 EXPERT and professional Chef's that have had near death experiences and diseases that were healed with FOOD....... a plant based diet. Together we CAN and WILL find the missing "PIECE" that can bring Inner and World 'Piece' through love , tolerance and community.
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My wish is to bring a team of people to the festive, fun 5K run/walk for charity that draws hundreds of participants in my state as volunteers. Volunteers will help set up for the event, usher participants during the entire event, and help with other activities.
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To hold a 2 week long food drive and hold a fundraiser competition in my school called Penny Wars. Roots & Shoots members will then organize items collected, decorate boxes, and set up a delivery system for families to receive the food.
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Teach students how to propagate native plants from seeds that are edible and have medicinal benefits.
S: Nuestro proyecto es medioambiental y social, en el cual se busca crear una conexión entre comunidad San Pedro con sus alrededores, se realizó por medio de diversas activid-ades, entre ellas, la entrega de cajas solidarias con ali-mentoa y útiles de primera necesidad. E: Our Project is focus on social and environmental is-sues. We want to achieve the connection between San Pedro community with the surroundings families and environment. We carry out different activities in and out of the school (fund raising activities and direct ask to our peers), but the most relevant was delivering boxes with different food items that the local families lack.
we are three members.we will start from schools and daycares to tell childern about oral health and go to shelter houses.we will provide them tooth brushes and toothpaste.
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We will hold a collection drive at school and partner with clubs at our school to collect more candy for these two great causes.
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Gatherings for the London youth in Brick Lane, demonstrating their actions, giving them a platform to campaign on to the city workers.
We are constructing a box for our school. In this box we will collect german "Pfandflaschen" directly translatet to "deposit bottles". For every bottle you get in Germany 25cent back. These bottles will be recycled. We donate the money to Mary´s Meals. With 25cent you can support a child 5 days with food!