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We will purchase a large recycling bin and place in the front of our school. We will create a large sign that says, "CAN YOU HELP US" to ask the community to help us by recycling cans. The money collected from the recycled cans will be used to purchase seeds for our school garden. We also wish to start a worm bin to reduce the amount of food being thrown away each day. The worm castings will use added as fertilizer to our school garden.
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We use our urban park and "adopt a tree," noting its changes throughout the seasons. We collect leaves, seeds, twigs and bark, if available. We do not take anything live-only pictures- and we do not leave anything, but our shoe print...and that's on the concrete path! We do a year-long study incorporating the NYC Scope and Sequence and the NYS Science Standards. STEM, STEAM and the Cross-cutting concepts of NGSS are included as well through hands-brains-eyes-ears-on activities!
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We will be designing a succulent and herb garden that will be sustained by the AVID class. The volunteers will receive a Gardening 101 workshop on the process and why it is important to have a drought-friendly garden. We will bring succulents and herbs from a nursery that the volunteers will plant after cleaning out the dry plants and weeds and loosening the soil. Our volunteers will also install a stone walkway and small fence to supplement the aesthetic of the garden. Concurrent to the garden project, we will have volunteers cleaning the campus as part of the beautification portion of the day. The school will be able to benefit from having a community garden and the teachers will be able to incorporate curriculum and garden visits. At the end of our day of service, we will have fostered a sense of giving among our community members and raised awareness about the importance of sustainable garden practices.
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We just need to spread the word. Spread it faster than the climate deniers.
By inventing a chemical free fragrant, potpourri, the environment will be much fresher.
South Korea
When my family goes for a walk on a mountain trail nearby, I will bring a large trash bag to pick up litter and recycle it in my local apartment recycling.
The project is already set up and the final testing is this summer, After this we will start with massive promotion all over Qatar. Next school year another roof garden will be set up in our school to cover the full roof top.
We plan to carry out a Fruit Tree Plantation activity at WWF Wildlife reserve in Lahore Pakistan. The reserve houses many indigenous as well has imported species of birds. Due to the rapid urbanization of the city birds have lost their habitats. Plantation of fruit trees will attract more birds and provide more fruits for the resident birds. This activity will help provide birds with a habitat while cleaning and cooling the air.
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We are planting Sugar Maple again! This time more trees, and across the hill from the new track. More people expecting to come out.
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The trees planted will better the environment at Keystone, they will also be used once they are matured for Keystones Maple Sugaring program, that benefits the community and helps create interest in tree conservation and a green lifestyle