United States
First, each Roots & Shoots member had to ask permission to host The Kindness Challenge in either their classroom at school or with an extracurricular group, such as Boy Scouts. Then, everyone created a Kindness Calendar--an advent-style calendar that contained a weekly idea of how to be kind, such as "switch off all the lights when you leave a room" or "give a classmate a compliment". The idea is to read the kind idea and then challenge their peers to complete it in a certain amount of time. To keep track, each member also made a Kindness Cup, so if a peer does the challenge, they can write how they completed it and put it in the cup. Before the next kind idea is read, members can count how many of their peers did the previous challenge and add an extra challenge of having more people complete it next time!
First we have to find a place for animals such as a shelter or a community center. Find a natural area in which we could plant trees and help our environment. Foster the right use of trash cans and recycling centers.
We meet once a week throughout the school year (Sept. - June)
It will be a video that explains my point of view of where we went wrong and what is wrong and how it could be in the future; both good and bad, but only if we change.
South Korea
My project is to show the world that our country has Dokdo, and it has nothing to do with Japan and other countries. I would like the people who read this to feel the way we koreans do everytime someone says Dokdo is Japan's. WE KNOW that this island is ours, and we will do our best to prove this.
United States
I plan to first go to schools and talk to teachers and students about my hopes for this project and ask if they are interested in helping me. All of their talents could help, anything at all. My project will focus on smaller issues like recycling in schools and food waste, and bottle/can waste from parties is a huge issue overlooked among teenagers as well. I want to bring it to their attention and speak with the teachers. I also hope to discuss the possibilities of a "Gap Year" after high school while I have the chance and student's attention. I would like our community post offices to be thorough with recycling, different blanket/food drives for local SCPAS and promotion of community wide organic food. This project is most of all about making others aware of their impression on the world, and even more so, to guide them to care about their impression too.