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We will dedicate two hours after school to clean up the CHS campus. It is very dirty and needs help being cleaned.
every week, we would like to organize the activities for school children in the organic farm of RRYMT.com , help them understand the organic agriculture. Everybody can contact us via m.rrymt.com or 4006581300.
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Plant more saplings Raise awareness to save water and save electricity I will do it by asking my schoolmates and friends to assist in the club activities.
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Our project will be that we set up a worm farm in our classroom. We will compost the remains of our snacks to increase the good fertile soil and then put that soil in our school garden. The soil will help promote growth of the vegetables that are being grown to help feed those in need in our community.
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This year, one of the biggest shortcomings that the students of Roots&Shoots have noticed at Aptitud was the lack of a recycling program. In an effort to start a recycling program, we reached out to the City of San Jose to help get some free recycling supplies. After the City of San Jose provide us with the materials that we needed, including plastic and paper recycling bins, we were able to start a recycling program at Aptitud, and thus show the kids that making a tangible effect on their environment is a reality.
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The DMS Green Team will build a compost bin, begin collecting food waste from the cafeteria, place the food waste (along with dried leaves and grass) in the bin, work the piles of waste until it becomes compost, and then apply the compost to our vegetable and native plant gardens. Students will track the amount of food waste coming from the cafeteria to the compost bin, measure the volume and temperature during the composting process, then be a part of applying the compost to the gardens.
I will give talks to high school students and university students.
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Take a trash can. Make holes throughout the trash can. Combine dry grass and twigs with organic waste. Mix it up. Wait. Collect rewards.
We have planted 130 fruit trees and have showed the children how to use the fruit they grow to make jams and chutneys. We have planted a native wildflower garden and a butterfly and bee garden with specific flora that attracts local fauna such as honeybees and butterflies to flourish in our area. We have build an eco friendly greenhouse from single use plastic bottles. We have build a frog bog to provide a habitat for our native common frog and natterjack toad as they have suffered a lot of habitat loss.
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We will pick up trash until the entire area is clean.