United States
We will drive to the back of Steiner Ranch and pick up/recycle the trash we find.
United States
Our foster home takes in abandoned kittens from local shelters and raises them in a home environment until they reach the adoptable age of 8 weeks. We find forever homes for the kittens and begin the cycle again. As funding increases, more litters may be brought to the home at one time. The capacity for care in our 6 room house is 24 at any one time.
Our project will educate and inspire Form 1-4 students on wildlife and environmental conversation efforts. Our club will meet after school twice a week to brainstorm ideas and learn farming techniques. We will hold discussions about the importance of Tanzania's wildlife and discuss ways to promote awareness in order to protect our animals.
United States
Donate Now by Going to: www.gofundme.com/savethefrogsproject
United States
I have been collecting wine corks from friends, family and neighbors. I collected over 1500 wine corks and sold them on Ebay. The money I earned from selling my corks, I sent to Save the Chimps Foundation in Fort Pierce, Florida. My funds have been used to purchase bananas, blankets, laundry soap and toys for the chimps who live at the sancutary.
United States
I will have people send or give to me cell phones and I will send them to a place that can recycle them or people themselves can send them in. My project will help apes have their habitat back!!!!
We will ask our families, friends, school and community to participate by dropping their old phones into a box. We will collect the phones to be E-recycled. The project will end on New Years Eve 2017.
United Arab Emirates
We organized an awareness campaign in a hypermarket located in Al Barsha, Dubai, to tell people about the ill effects of plastic on the environment. This marked the beginning of a new year for us. With a group of 12 students from different Dubai-based schools, we spoke to customers and requested them to take a pledge to reduce the usage of plastic and consider alternative options, because of the harm it causes to our planet. View the article on Gulf News http://gulfnews.com/your-say/your-reports/raising-awareness-on-the-effects-of-plastic-1.1962054 The campaign called for an eye-opening conversation amongst my group of friends and we decided to take on a challenge of actively encourage people to build a safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.
Create your trypthcs to inform neighbors of the prizes and after two weeks you will be give the prizes
This project is simply to protect our home,Earth. Earth has been warming up, becouse of poulltion. It's very easy to do. Just grab a bucket and a BBQ clip. If you see garbage just use the clip and put the garbage inside the bucket. Sort the garbage out at the garbage bin.