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We will go throughout the community and clean yards for the elderly that are unable to do their upkeep. We have been throughout the community and realized that there are so many elderly here that need their yards swept or grass mowed. I will take a group of people and we will go out and do this for them.
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Our students will create no sew fleece blankets and donate them to the Project Linus local group.
The project is basically involving the collection of all waste materials used in the campus.
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The club will be making a collection of travel size toiletries ( Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothbrush, toothpaste etc...) the members will be sorting and packing them in zip logs bags and them deliver then to the shelters that provide the shower services in Broward County.
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We will continue to provide our garden to the members of Camden, so they can have access to produce without having to travel far. Our organization, Hopeworks, along with volunteers will continue to maintain and support the garden for the residents that want to grow their own food. We also donate all the extras to a local church where they hand it out during their food drives.
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We are part of the organization, Hopeworks, a non-profit based in Camden, NJ. The city has had a difficult history but is home to many strong and resilient residents who look to improve their communities. One way that we help Camden is through our community garden, Esperanza Community Garden. The garden was created back in 2011 to help reduce the food scarcity issue in North Camden, which was due to the lack of grocery stores. Because many residents don’t have the kind of yard that would allow them to grow produce, those who wish to can use the plots in the garden to grow their own produce for free. They now have the opportunity to grow and collect free produce, without having to travel far. We also want to provide assistance in the process by helping with removing weeds and watering. Those who do not grow their own produce are still welcome to utilize the plants already in the garden to acquire produce during the warm months of the year. Whatever produce is left is donated to the church across the street for their weekly food drives. We want members of the community to feel welcome in this space.
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Our facilitator, who is a Business Development Director, helps guide us as we create and roleplay in a fictionalized world that is meant to be diverse and full of challenges. We meet twice a month and we work together to find creative solutions to the problems and issues laid out before us. We discuss strategy and have online planning sessions between meetings to figure out the complex effects of our actions and try to figure out which is the best options for our world.
Some of the classes at The Foundation Academy are studing about the culture and the counrty of Ethiopia. This campaign will help to bring their studies to life. The objective of the campaign is to send latters, artwork and videos to to and from the children at the Foundation Academy and the children that are part of Love For Ethiopia's Arba Minch program.
Create a certified standard for native made products all around the world. A website with the same name native-spirit will offer handicraft, artisan made, etnic made produce and products from all around the world. Be it is mask from Papua New Guinea, A knife from the Sami, or a belt from Guatemala. A wayuu bag from Guajira, a Lakota Drum. With the neccessary awarness and an auction type plattform, I have no doubt that single products can reach symbolical high prices if the message is that the true protectors on the foremost front are and always have been our indigenous brothers. By supporting this native made standard and these native groups, conservation and safeguarding their environment can become a reality. Lady Jane Goodalls roots and shots organisation would help coordinate this locally in each community and the plattform with its auctions and income....
Burkina Faso
At the beginning of 2017, with the help of Soroptimists International Voorne-Putten (NL), we constructed basic sanitary facilities (ventilated pit latrines) in rural southeastern Burkina Faso. The people of the village of Loanga and the adjacent hamlet Tanéré have now constructed three 'VIP' buildings, and a select group of women is in charge of keeping the buildings clean, and of sharing good hygiene practices. We aim to expand the project at different locations within the same region (Bissaland), as well as in one of Ouagadougou's townships.