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I will start by picking up 10 pieces of garbage that I find on the ground. Once i have all the garbage i will take it all to a recycling place and recycle all of it.
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We are going to greet Veterans on an honor flight and greet them. We will do this by driving to the airport and greeting them.
Hmko nokri chiye
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Bake bread to give to the homeless in local community.
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What The Inclusion will do is invite everybody to a lunch table, and talk to those who don't get spoken to. We can take a group to the mall and do fun scavenger hunts together. It will be a big club, and everybody is welcome, no matter who you are or how many friends you have.
Change the habits of people through example. It is a community service project. If I see garbage that "someone" throws, I take a picture of it, I pick it up, I throw it where it belongs and I take a picture again. Using the layout application I upload them to a facebook group called: Leave it better that what we found. It's a closed group were I try to encourage people to do the same or at least think twice before throwing waste on the street.
1) Built an inquiry to know students and teachers motivations and concerns about community problems and needs. 2) One-to-one and at distance inquiry. 3) Analyzing data and getting conclusions. 4) Stablishing priorities. 5) Planning school and local activities. 6) Action. 7) Reflecting about the experience. 8) What's next? 9) Celebration.
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This project aims to install special paper waste bins in every classroom of this school and raise awareness through a combination of posters, presentations, information points and speeches to the students.
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Promote climate change awareness. Reduce our dependency on non renewable resources. Clean up out community. Maintain the garden. Host a meeting for the students and staff to explain what we are doing and why. Create announcements and posters to promote the event. Encourage students in all grade levels to participate
We will put on a presentation for other classes in the school, to let them know what germs are, how easily those germs can be spread and what happens to our bodies when germs get inside. The students will then put on a hand washing demonstration to show others the proper way to get all the germs off our hands. We will also show what to do when we are sick to help protect our friends from getting those same germs into their bodies.