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We will dig out some invasive plants, cut out the dead branches, and haul them out with a trailer.
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We will dig up violets from a field, transfer them to vials, and transplant to a prepared plot.
Due to age restrictions in Rwanda's Volcanoes National Park, young children cannot see gorillas in the wild. Our school community will recreate the experience of visiting a mountain gorilla family with the help of fantastic costumes and actors modeling gorilla behavior. This presentation will take place in a wooded area of our green campus. Music, narration, and reflection will enrich the experience and foster awareness of gorilla conservation issues and the links that unite all life on Earth.
To encourage the children and youth of Puerto Lopez town and county to protect the lanscapes, to value native flora and fauna, to plant useful native trees and bushes in their gardens, to appreciate and support the Machalilla National Park and the remaining wildlife habitat outside it, and to develop in general a new, more positive attitude towards Nature, which is gradually disappearing under bulldozers due to urban sprawl and "development".
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Plant milkweed seeds in our yards and other approved locations. We will do crafts about butterflies and do some other planting and nature activities.
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I myself I writing an essay on conservation, and why it is necessary one week from 4/3/14, and I encourage others to write essays as well, and possibly share them with their class. There may be 20 people in a class, and if we write multiple essays many people will be informed about what they can do to take action. If you wish email your essay to walid.vanegas@gmail.com and I will upload them.
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The wish is for thousands of young people do do projects that encourage them to get out in nature