The MET has been involved with the International Coastal Cleanup for just over 4 years and will continue to do so in the future. We have created a sub-committee within the MET Environmental Committee to begin implementing future cleanups.
Establish a roots and Shoots groups through Primary and secondary schools Establishing a tree planting program-Nursery and distribute seedlings free of charge to schools and parents of the Member group. -Select a steering committee and an executive committee for day to day activities. -Prepare a plan, budget, and an action plan, prepare Monitoring and Evaluation and report writing.
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Students will be organizing and running a Resource Conservation program. They will research ways in which water and energy are used in our community. They will trace the route of the water & resources used to generate electricity both beyond and within our community. Students will also explore the amount of resources used to create a variety of everyday projects including food, clothing, and games. Following the research portion of the project, students will organize a public service component for their project. This aspect of their program will include the creation of an educational power point, bookmarks, buttons, and stickers for presentation and distribution in our school community. Students will present their power point at campus assembly. Following their presentation, our fifth grade students will circulate around campus during the school year in search of students (or adults!) "Caught Conserving Resources (CCR)". Actions such as turning off lights and faucets, recycling, and helping others learn about resource conservation will be rewarded by these student leaders. They will award CCR stickers, bookmarks, and buttons to these individuals.
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We will grow organic food for student families and those in need. The process will go through an entire growing season to instill the processes necessary to growing healthy organic food in a community garden. We will appoint team leaders that will have specific responsiblities as well as individual responsiblities given to students for proper plant management. A Garden Manager will provide weekly guidance and lessons that incorporate soil sampling, proper watering regimens as well as pest management that will be put into ACTION to instill confidence in our children through growing food, reconnection to the soil and a broader understanding of nature.
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We plan to carry on our fundraising for Roots & Shoots and JGI. In our first fundraising project, "Grass Roots & Shoots" we approached people we knew and worked with and raised a substantial amount of funding. With this project, we are ready to take it to the next level. We will approach foundations, businesses and individuals as well. We will also work with the kids we mentor and teach them about fundraising and how they can make a difference in the world.
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Our project will unite third graders with members of the community and the Climate Colorado organization. Together we will brainstorm ways to help our state prepare for climate change and create a more sustainable future. We will participate in a dynamic, rapid-prototyping entrepreneurial process to solve climate challenges. Once we have our solutions, they will be added to a virtual geospatial map, which is accessible to all Coloradans. This map allows people to see our solutions and encourages positive change for all.
5 months. 1. Total Economic Valuation of the fishing economy 2. Socio-economic Impact Assessment on the fishing and other riparian communities of Lake Turkana 3. Information Dissemination for Policy Influencing and Awareness Creation 4. Strengthening networks of Non State Actors around advocacy for adoption/exploration of alternative livelihoods options 5. Advocacy training Outcome 1: Increased and harmonized awareness concerning the socio-economic implications for the depletion of Lake Turkana fisheries on the fishing-dependent and other riparian communities Outcome 2: Policy support for the social and economic needs and priorities of the fishing communities of Lake Turkana Outcome 3: Enhanced local capacity for advocacy
I will introduce an idea to my class. The idea is, we will have a competition - whoever picks up the most rubbish, identifies it and has visual proof will win a prize. I will hand out sheets designed for identifying rubbish and going back to the source and asking them to stop polluting. I think the idea of a prize will get more people involved!
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Not only would students be able to quickly locate their nearest water fountains, but the analysis would show areas where fountains are lacking. My partner and I will map out all of the water fountains in accessible areas of the campus, including most lecture halls and other common areas. We will indicate the number of fountains, whether it is a hydration station or simply a fountain, the floor level of the fountain, and the building name. Using the total number of fountains at a particular point, we will be able to identify the distribution of fountains throughout the campus and areas where fountains are lacking.
Create awarness among my community, raise money for Omo Child in Ethiopia Presentation on Ethiopia/ Omo Child