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First step is to create a sustainability policy and create a petition. We need to spread awareness about the issue in order to gain a standing and then reach out the GSUSA and see how they respond. This is a big project and can't be done overnight. Hopefully, we can work together to create a policy that is effective and helps create a more positive environment when it comes to the use of fair trade chocolate.
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I want my project to spread awareness on the issue. I want it to be a shareable, likable video for platforms like Facebook. I will start by interviewing experts on the subject and then filming some of my speaking engagements with girl scout troops. I also want to show them reacting to fair trade and non fair trade chocolate to demonstrate the similarity in taste. Hopefully, this will also encourage people to search for fair trade alternatives to their chocolate.
Key plans: 1. Videos on exploitation of natural resources, Veganism and environment. 2. Outreach by leafletting about the ecological destruction of animal factory farming. 3. Speak about the important changes that we need to bring in the environment - in colleges and schools.
We will talk about peace.
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education about hunger, homelessness, poverty and extreme poverty,pollution, carbon footprint, Fair Trade, education as a basic right for ALL here in Chicago and around the world, safe places for animals, safe havens for inner city children, 0-3 education and child care and parent education for these children, developmental challenges in adults, etc.
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Caring for Girls is a non-profit organization that depends on community funds to facilitate workshops. Seeing domestic violence first hand has influenced my mission. My project will make a difference to females who left their home due to domestic violence. We will assist females with toiletries items to make a difference in a small way. I will put in time, and the money will help with the financial needs of the program.
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During Earth Week, 2015, teachers in our three elementary schools will put out homemade little boxes and invite children to bring in their loose change to contribute to the drive. In the process, the children will learn about Haiti and the problems that exist there with poverty, sanitation, and soil degradation. Our theme for Earth Week is soil and how important it is to take care of it in order to grow our food and feed us and the people of the world.
It helps the kids on the street and mostly the Challenge farm kids with food,clothes and books for the school and even a transitioning school.
South Africa
Our group decided to print over 500 world citizenship passports with the consent of the government, both India and Africa and stamp them with the values of Gandhi and Mandela. We want to do this so that we can make the people of Johannesburg feel much more motivated and not so less fortunate. We are doing this to see them happy. Along with this, each students plans to make a speech, recite a poem or show their skills in a variety of areas to express their feelings about this project to the people of Johannesburg.
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Our small group has offered our time every other Saturday morning, during the Spring/Summer/Autumn for a few hours of our to work on the farm. Weeding, harvesting, & anything else they may need help with. We did it last year & can't wait to get started again! The farm will be having an Earth Day Pot luck as well... & it'll be so exciting to use some of this years beautiful produce to make a meal to share. :-)