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our neighborhood will be clean and refreshed we will walk around the woods and clean up any littering in the woods.
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We will get various type of plants to plant outside in this garden. These plants should be able to resist the elements. We will also use various tools such as shovels to help us dig holes. We are planning on putting many rocks around the garden with positive messages on them. Lastly, we will put benches and other areas to sit in for students in the garden.
Sri Lanka
The students in our school environment club researched the plants most suited to our climate and environment. We then narrowed the choices down to a lime tree and a mint plant. We also researched how to care for them including how much sun and/or shade and water. The lime and mint have been planted and we will continue to care for them.
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We have contracted with Shred Nations for secured document shredding and recycling. We have contracted with Green Sheen for recycling latex paint. We have organized with the GMSN to have various booths onsite. And we have made all of the arrangements with the school to use the parking lot.
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Children in our Title One School have little time outside and very few opportunities to interact with nature. We will collect a team of volunteers (teachers, administrators, students and families) to clean out the trash, weed and mow, purchase moveable parts to encourage creative play, purchase and post materials to enhance knowledge of nature, including; trees, plants, bugs, animals and birds. We will create rules and policy regarding upkeep, including; weeding, bird feeders, and rules respecting all living things. We will install trash and recycling containers, purchase a rain barrel to reuse water, we will secure a donors choose to purchase the materials to build a small fish pond and will include the person who does gardening in the city to help with the organic garden and its upkeep.
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I will plant trees in big cities to help the air be better.
When ever we are at the beach I am going to get my family to collect garbage and remove it from the beach
United Kingdom
We hope to turn the space into an environmentally, educationally and community friendly space by removing all the weeds and replanting with hardy, annual plants that will attract wildlife. We will also put in area where insects, bugs and other animals will be able to live. We will revitalise the pond area by adding new plants and a rockery, helping the ponds wildlife. We are going to be adding a living willow tunnel. We are creating a wild flower meadow and orchard on the field. We have already planted fruit and vegetables in the raised bed on the playground. Fortunately, we have a very supportive FOLKs team who are backing the project 100%. We have organised parent working party days on a number of Saturday's during the year. We have already heavily weeded the area, removing the brambles and ivy. The next major part of the project is more groundworks; digging out the clay soil, adding weed suppressant materials, new top soil, compost and bark. We will be using recycled tyres and other materials to create flower beds where there will be different 'zones'; colour, smell and texture and we will be adding a taste zone, too. On the field we are developing the hedge and copse area with saplings that have been provided by the Woodland Trust. We are also creating a meadow area by digging 1x1m square and freely sowing wildflower seeds. This will be developed over the next few years.
United States
Specifically, we'll try to be more animated when standing at the front of the class - making our facial expressions more pronounced, using exaggerated hand gestures, changing the speed, tone and volume of our voice... we're trying it all! We also memorized a few cute tactics to refocus the group, whether this it's a clapping pattern or breathing exercise to calm the kids down, quiet their little mouths, and bring their attention forward.