United Arab Emirates
Last year, the Prakriti Environmental Club at my school, the Abu Dhabi Indian School, conducted the Electronic Waste Collection Drive within the School Campus.
United States
We are hosting a workshop at Barnes and Noble on June 30th from 12-4. At the workshop we will dissect mobile phones and identify the metals inside them, have a discussion about where these metals came from and why they are important to recycle, and introduce the idea of Fairphone Smartphones and Fair Trade Electronics. We are raising awareness of ape conservation and fundraising for Camp Friendship's annual summer retreat to Maine.
United States
We will be reusing items (pallets, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes) to create a small community garden with tomatoes. It will be in the children's play area on the church grounds and will be free and open for anyone to utilize!
The idea is to screen documentaries about animals and the environment. In order to reach more people and have a wider impact, the screenings will be free of charge for anyone who would like to attend. Ideally I would like to establish an annual screening of such films in Athens, Greece (through Jane Goodall’s R&S Greece) and call it “Environmental Film Day”.
United States
Our project will help the environment, while helping people acknowledge the importance of recycling. We will collect all the recycled bottles and empty them out. We will have two bags, one for plastic bottles and the other one for aluminum cans. The money collected will be used for our garden. We will clean up the garden space, fertilize the soil, plant vegetables and fuits, and water them. We will fix up our irrigation system and, at least once a week, check up on the garden.
United States
We are going to use Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics to create a ripple effect of positive environmental change.
United States
We will be showing the movie Wall-E at our school while also holding a bake sale, which the money will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. The movie will be held in one of our classrooms, where students can watch it.
United States
We have contracted with Shred Nations for secured document shredding and recycling. We have contracted with Green Sheen for recycling latex paint. We have organized with the GMSN to have various booths onsite. And we have made all of the arrangements with the school to use the parking lot.
South Africa
The young entrepreneurs will be engaging with their local communities through the Roots & Shoots Formula Toolkit. Planned events aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals build on the SDG "Heroes for Change" comic series where the participants will earn a badge for each of the Sustainable Development Goal activities that they participate in - eg Mother Earth Day and World Environment Day (22 April and 5 June) which support Goals 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production and 13 Climate Action - both days are focussed on Act to end Plastic - Beat Plastic Pollution.