The project aims at promoting among students some assessment capacity on passive communication associated to commercials and to start a critical examination of advertisments. The goal is to enable critical judgement in relation to the field of communication through observation and the consequential analysis of advertising spots.
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We will use Philosophy for Children and Critical Thinking Skills to explore the causes of food poverty. We will speak to farmers and examined statistics looking at trends over time. We will examine our findings and see what action we can take locally in both school to address the problem.
We will set up clothes bins in each corridor, towards the end of the year when people are moving out. We will donate the good quality clothes, and recycling the damaged ones.
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All of us will contribute the blacktop every Friday, putting in our time and money, and devote ourselves to getting this project done. We are planning on using PVC pipes to create the soccer goals. We are also going to repaint the blacktop lines, and possibly fix our basketball hoops.
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Our project will connect our neighborhood children to the local wildlife, landscape, plant species and water resources. It will also allow our neighborhood children to connect with local experts and hopefully work directly with them on activities such as planting in our community garden and keeping our local bike path beautiful.
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Our project will provide food and fellowship to the homeless population of greater Fort Worth, Texas. We will be cooking the food on grills and then taking it downtown. We will set up a line for them to walk through and encourage them as they walk through. We will spend time with them as they are eating and afterwards to help build them up.
The project will address the needs for education rights to all human beings regardless of social status and financial capacity and advance the field of humane education. It will bring together people from all walks of life to rub minds together and find solution to educational problems and all living things can live together without hurting or harming any living thing. It will also campaign for environmental safety, animal protection and human rights and dignity.
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Roots & Shoots will aid in advertising and suggest possible speakers for the main hosts of this event, the Diversity Awareness Club. We will also organize and participate in some of the presentations.
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I will start by picking up 10 pieces of garbage that I find on the ground. Once i have all the garbage i will take it all to a recycling place and recycle all of it.
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We are going to greet Veterans on an honor flight and greet them. We will do this by driving to the airport and greeting them.