Spread awareness about shark fin soup. Stop people from selling shark fin soup.
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Students will map GPS locations of all of the storm drains from our school to a 5 mile circumference around using Google Maps, GPS, trash weigh-ins, and accurate input of data onto spreadsheets. They will photograph their findings, and also videotape their efforts. They will come up with a rotational maintenance solution, which will be ongoing. They will then deliver a presentation to both the school at an assembly, as well as to Parents during Ecology Night in May, 2015. The Parent Night is being coordinated with an English Teacher, Mrs. Ximena Miller, whose husband is an active participant.
There is a local public beach which is commonly littered with garbage. This garbage ranges from small plastic bottles to pieces of boats. My family will join me armed with garbage bags to remove the garbage. The beach will look better, the garbage will not re-enter the water and wildlife will no longer be threatened by these particular pieces of garbage.
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We plan to educate our community about why dog waste can be so harmful, and provide them with resources to make the process easier. We think that by reaching out to a local official and convincing them to spend time and resources on this issue, we can make the maximum impact. We have been researching the negative effects of dog waste, the occurrence of uncleaned up dog waste in our community, and how people can do this more effectively.
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The project will not only beautify our school landscape but it will teach our students all the steps involved in designing, preparing, and planting native plants. The project will bring our community, parents, and students together in creating a drought tolerant garden.
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Our project will be to put art on the storm drains, put screens cover them, have trash cans around them, have poop bags provide for the community to prevent contamination of the water, and have trash compacters installed where trash cans commonly get over filled. We will do all this by first taking pictures of the main visible storm drains around our school. We will make a map and pick the ones that get the most foot action. We will contact the city about getting permission to do art on the storm drains. We will start small to get some awareness on what we are doing. Once we hit our first storm drains we will then expand our efforts toward the other issues by reaching out to our local city council member, church, Play Ground of Dream (POD) and Youth Policy Institute (YPI) for more support.
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After surveying problems on our campus, it was decided by the students that we needed to address the fact that all water from rains was being directed to a nearby wash were the water was then lost to the ocean. Additionally, we decided that the campus needed some beautification. It was determined that we could meet both goals with this project.
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Students to create a design by mapping a selected site for a drought tolerant garden. Students will work in groups to draw/sketch the selected area for the drought tolerant garden. The mapping will assist in the planting stage.
We will organize to create cigarette disposal units and place them at no cost throughout the community.
[POR] Infelizmente, estou sozinho por enquanto e não tenho um projeto ou plano de ação contra essas décadas de indiferença política. Minha esperança é conseguir um luz aqui sobre possibilidades e estratégias, para dar início a alguma ação : ] [ENG] Unfortunately I’m alone by now, and I don’t have neither a project or plan of action against these decades of political indifference. My hope is to find some light here about possibilities and ways of action, to start some effective action : ]