every week, we would like to organize the activities for school children in the organic farm of , help them understand the organic agriculture. Everybody can contact us via or 4006581300.
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We have a 20x20 plot in our neighborhood community garden where we're growing veggies, herbs and flowers.
we are three members.we will start from schools and daycares to tell childern about oral health and go to shelter houses.we will provide them tooth brushes and toothpaste.
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I'm going to teach yoga classes and involve other teenagers in becoming yoga teachers as well. In addition, I will share my plethora of knowledge about being a teenager to the younger generation while they enjoy a class of beginner yoga and mindfulness.
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We will grow, harvest and deliver our fresh veggies and herbs once a month during growing season.
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My project will provide more knowledge for the community, provide support, and raise awareness.
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We will hold a collection drive at school and partner with clubs at our school to collect more candy for these two great causes.
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My project will increase pollinator populations that are native to california by creating pollinator habitats that are filled with native plants from california and as a result promote pollinator populations because it will increase the number of plants that are specific to them. These plants will will be grown in verticle gardens and in raised beds near a raised bed vegetable garden. The pollinaotrs will pollinate the vegetable garden because they are so close in promiximity and as a result there will be a larger harvest yeild. The harvest yeild will be then donated to a local food pantry
I feel very sorry for banana farmers so I wanted to create a partition to email to lots of local supermarkets to show them that the people don't care about the shape and size of bananas they buy. If they take this on board I could change the amount of waste caused by bananas that aren't the right shape pr size.
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Gatherings for the London youth in Brick Lane, demonstrating their actions, giving them a platform to campaign on to the city workers.