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This project will make the world a better place.
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I will only have one day in the classroom with these students so we will need to work quickly! My idea is to use the melody of a popular song that everyone knows and change the lyrics - I will have some recording equipment with me so by the end of my time with them we should be able to make some recordings. Then I will complete the song and send it back to the class so they can share it with their community!
An illustrated fictional story book written and illustrated by children for children living in Malaysia that inspires youth-inspired environmental and charitable good deeds big and small on a daily basis. Examples of current environmental disasters, their causes and some solutions will be used in a story that can inspire readers of all ages to take action. Book sale proceeds will go towards charities making a difference in Malaysia and Borneo based on the Roots and Shoots principles. In addition, School-based projects regarding anti-dengue campaign, local tree replanting/anti-flooding proposals to localised construction projects and funding children's homes/orphanages to be discussed as part of Jane Goodall school visit and year 6 term project at my children's school.
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We can all do this by creating Presentations, Prezi, Tagseto, Glogster, Power Point, Emails, etc.
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My co-teacher and I are implementing a combined Roots & Shoots and Youth Service America (YSA) project in all of our Living Environment CTT classes (120 students) throughout the Human Impact Unit taught in April-May. We are having students identify the main cause of carbon emissions in the community using the mapping technique developed by Roots & Shoots. We are then having students write and implement community action plans in order to reduce carbon emissions in their community. Finally, students will be graded according to YSA’s 4C model of Career and Workforce Readiness: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.
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Our project will plant native trees. We will also educate the school on the importance of trees to our environment. We will have a school presentation and plant trees around our school campus.
the project will start on january first 2015 ,by planting one acre of tdifferent trees,by using lolangulu secondary school Roots & Shoots club.i will coorparate with millenium village project by inviting different officials and head of school to participate on that day to plant trees.
it will make a beautiful balcony, i will do it.