We‘ll sell cake in school and give the money to the animal shelter and we‘ll collect mobile phones and send them to the telecom.
every week, we would like to organize the activities for school children in the organic farm of , help them understand the organic agriculture. Everybody can contact us via or 4006581300.
United Kingdom
We have decided to do some research to see what the biggest problems are in our local area of Newham and how we can try to educate our community and support them in becoming more sustainable. We will be learning about how rubbish impacts our planet and what we can do to reduce our personal impact. At the end of our project we will be producing an advert to be played in central parts of our community (we hope Westfield shopping centre!) to educate members of the public and to convince them to do more to recycle and avoid plastic. We will also be going out into the community and holding mini campaigns to spread the word. Above all, we want our school to be more sustainable and to reduce, reuse and recycle.
We have learnt to write persuasive letters, so wrote to our Mayor who has written to the Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection. We hope to hear the outcome very soon.
We have completed book one and two of a home grown realistic fiction feature film script. Book one e-version : We wish to complete the other books which discuss the very real problems of the environment and that turtle hatchlings face.
It has already inspired students and parents to think about plastic use. It has promoted much thought about the devastation and rubbish waste problem in our world. We wish to keep making our special bags and give them to people to help spread thought and the students good work.
I’m going to make a stall and sell cupcakes, T-shirts and jewellery. All proceeds go to charities.I’ll also write brochures about animal cruelty, endangered animals and littering.
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We will grow, harvest and deliver our fresh veggies and herbs once a month during growing season.
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We will start with cleaning out the pond, removing metals from the ground, and reallocating rubble to sculptural uses. Additionally we will renovate existing buildings into classrooms and art studios. Careful records of plant and animal species will be logged.
United Arab Emirates
Plant more saplings Raise awareness to save water and save electricity I will do it by asking my schoolmates and friends to assist in the club activities.