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We will be going around schools and going to different social groups and doing presentations on the public activities that you can do to protect wild places and land.
PROJECT ACTIVITIES 1. Research and introduce briquette for use both at households and small-scale industries to solve the ever-soaring prices and shortages of other fuel sources. 2. Training and equip rural communities especially women and women groups with skills of making briquette charcoal pellets as an affordable cooking fuel sources. 3. To establish a rural small scale factory to produce briquette, while creating employment to the local people and many youth who have just completed high school institutions. 4. Plant 3000 trees in the degraded areas of Kisanga and help to conserve the forests by introducing and teaching households surrounding the forests new innovation of briquette fuel making and producing energy saving cooking stoves. Thus exploiting children's potential to be changing agents in our communities for sustainable development while addressing climate change challenges in our deprived society
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Myself and the Diversity Awareness Club will work together to organize a week long event at our school with guest speakers, performances, etc to get our school involved and aware of the value of diversity among ourselves and beyond. We hope to enlighten members of the community on a different topic and make them more openminded.
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We will be setting up a winter clothes donation drive. As the weather starts to get warmer and people clean out their closets of winter clothes, we will set up buckets in our school so that people can donate the clothes they no longer want or they have grown out of. We will collect the clothes throughout the year, but particularly during this time, and send it to them next fall. This was a big success last year, and we hope it will be again.
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We want to address the challenge of slowing down climate change as well as how to implement the prototype of a successful house made from recycled materials. We plan on finishing up our recycling campaign and then creating the recycled house prototype for the Indigenous Communities.
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The project will occur in several stages: *Meeting and developing the plan with specific state organizations to ensure how to go about the restoration effectively *Developing the curriculum to utilize throughout the project, including history of the Scrub, native plant species, wildlife indigenous to the area, and the importance of preserving this area of ancient islands *The project from this present school year on the Floridan Aquifer will be included, as much research went into understanding how the aquifer is recharged through the Florida Scrub areas *Scheduling times for students to go out on the preserve to study the Florida Scrub area that is intact and pristine, while also scheduling times to go out and replant native species in the area of the preserve which has been disturbed *This particular project will include community volunteers, Florida Wildlife Commission, and other organizations related to native plant species for the Scrub *Celebration the first year will take place around Earth Day, with invitations going out to donors, families, and community members *The project is in beginning stages and will take place over several years. The first year will include the initial steps, with planned celebrations as each step is developed and takes place. Sharing with Roots and Shoots will take place in May, 2017, as the project will not officially begin until May, 2016.
In my youth, I was extremely fortunate to meet someone who (despite my objections) convinced me that I could have, do, or be anything I truly desired. Needless to say, he got my attention. It wasn’t because I was anyone special or out of the ordinary. This, he told me, applied to everyone. If I was willing to put in the time to study, learn, and apply what I was learning, he said, I would certainly see wonderful results. As it turns out, he was right. The more I studied the mind, human potential, and personal development, the more I came to believe that what Simon Attah had been telling me all along was indeed true. Through applying those lessons, I was appointed branch manager of a financial institution by the age of 22… at the time, the youngest person in Ghana to ever have done so. I discovered to my complete joy and amazement that what I was learning and then applying….was working! I learned a great deal being involved in the financial industry, but my heart was soon pulling me in the direction of being totally, absolutely, fully immersed in my studies. Just a few years later (after passing up another promotion opportunity), I quit my job and went to work with Simon Attah. With his blessing and encouragement, I soon formed my own Study Abroad company – Cosmos Study Abroad And Counselling Agency, Ghana, that was 6 years ago. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to have taught extensively throughout Ghana and in a number of Africa countries on setting, pursuing and achieving goals. One of my very favourite speaking engagements over that time — for the last 2 years, in fact — has been at Ghana youth initiative camp for young adults. I see an incredible amount of talent and potential in each one of them, and more importantly, I want to be sure they see this in themselves. Imagine if every young adult around the globe could see within him or herself an abundance of positive possibility? Imagine if each one had the motivation and confidence to express that possibility? This has become my personal mission and it’s what led to the development of the Ghana Youth Project. We’re here to inspire, enliven, educate, and empower as many young people as possible to become courageous, confident, goal achievers.
Nakoguis' Gil Family will give the issues to the family to the
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We will research the eels and design activities and event presentations for public awareness. We will Partner with the Buzzards Bay Coalition to keep the waterways clean. Students presented at the Green Fair Umass Dartmouth to Jane and the community. They are also working with the local zoo to present there and with surrounding schools to help get the word out!.
Hope Awards will sponsor a training session for youth with drones, which will open their eyes to a career path in Drone operators for film crews, surveying and mapping inspectors and Agriculture farming companies.