I will introduce an idea to my class. The idea is, we will have a competition - whoever picks up the most rubbish, identifies it and has visual proof will win a prize. I will hand out sheets designed for identifying rubbish and going back to the source and asking them to stop polluting. I think the idea of a prize will get more people involved!
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Not only would students be able to quickly locate their nearest water fountains, but the analysis would show areas where fountains are lacking. My partner and I will map out all of the water fountains in accessible areas of the campus, including most lecture halls and other common areas. We will indicate the number of fountains, whether it is a hydration station or simply a fountain, the floor level of the fountain, and the building name. Using the total number of fountains at a particular point, we will be able to identify the distribution of fountains throughout the campus and areas where fountains are lacking.
Create awarness among my community, raise money for Omo Child in Ethiopia Presentation on Ethiopia/ Omo Child
My project will raise enough money to be able to provide some food, clothing and other necessary items for the fishermen who live in the Shenzhen region of the South China Sea. The project will also consist of interviews and about their children's education.
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Mid-April to mid-May will have song and art contest and have a student/staff/parent show and may also include letter-writing campaign in English clases. Winners of contest will share. Count FB, Instagram, and other social media posts. post-survey of students and staff
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Students from our Earth and Recycling committees in our Arroyo IB Student Ambassador group will work with Curiosity Quest's Joel Greene to educate themselves about how to water audit a front yard. They will then take this knowledge and apply to an actual home. They will work together to adjust water timers, add mulch to planter areas, and change out leaky or wasteful sprinkler heads. All their work will be a part of a new PBS program called "Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers." This has the potential to impact millions of viewers!
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Students will create videos, brochures, pamphlets, 3-d models or flyers to reduce the amount of water being used at the residential and school level.
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My project is to utilize social media networks to help Gulf Specimen continue to keep it's animals happy and healthy.
[POR] Infelizmente, estou sozinho por enquanto e não tenho um projeto ou plano de ação contra essas décadas de indiferença política. Minha esperança é conseguir um luz aqui sobre possibilidades e estratégias, para dar início a alguma ação : ] [ENG] Unfortunately I’m alone by now, and I don’t have neither a project or plan of action against these decades of political indifference. My hope is to find some light here about possibilities and ways of action, to start some effective action : ]