We are in the process of setting up an aqauponics system in our classroom as an authentic learning platform and model for a future, larger system.
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Our plan is to build 10 planter boxes and plant an organic vegetable garden to use the produce for the school cafeteria. Our club has enlisted an Eagle Scout candidate to oversee the construction of the boxes. The school has agreed to build a perimeter fence to protect the garden. Our club is planning to visit a nearby school who is already running a successful garden. My club is making posters to advertise our project and get donations. We also started in the fall by digging up the flower beds in front of the school and spreading out the bulbs. We packaged the surplus bulbs and sold them to raise money for the garden.
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We will feed people, organize garden upkeep, planting, harvesting. We will work with The Butterfly Pavilion.
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Our project is focused on rising first grade students and uses hands on mentoring and role modeling from teenagers in my Roots & Shoots group. The students’ overall literacy will be improved as we encourage the kids with guided and self-selected reading, writing and mastering new words. We are collaborating with our local YMCA to work with and identify the children, who will be from lower income/under-resourced populations and who are a full grade level behind in reading. Our approach will be multifaceted. Weekly we will work with the kids at the Y or at a local school. We will be teaching them through fun activities based on Dr. Goodall and her work. The reading and literacy skills will be built into the programs. Physical activities, STEM projects and art will be priorities as well in our mentoring process. We will film segments of the mentoring process and create a short film upon completion of the project at the end of summer 2015, reinforcing what the kids have learned as they also become "movie stars." We hope to follow these kids through grade 5 and document their success. In addition to mentoring this specific group of children, we mentor kids in other settings such as the library, schools and even girl scout troops. Our activities are all based on Dr. Goodall and her work. The kids love it!
This will help understand neurobiology of resilient behavior
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Sprouts aims to achieve its mission through a once-a-week after-school program. During Sprouts club hours, students will learn sustainability through the creation of a permaculture edible garden and the practice of the 3 R's (Reducing, Re-using and Recycling) in and around the school premises with partners like Terracycle.
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This year, we are focused on teaching our community about the agriculture and it's impact in our area. Our students have started to plan a community fair so that they can invite community members and families to learn about our community and it's agricultural history and influence. We will invite some of the speakers that we have used over the years to help present this information. Our school will have this fair as a half day during school hours so that our Roots & Shoots members can teach our school community all that they've learned. We will continue it into the evening so that families and the community can attend. This will also allow us to teach our community about our outdoor classroom that our Roots & Shoots members are helping to plan and build for our school.
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The project will evolve to match the interests of our community and the children enrolled in our program. We will start with a program to spay and neuter the dozens if street cats in our neighborhood to prevent overpopulation, to find loving adoptive homes for the cats that have domestic potential, and with the care and feeding of laying hens raised in a free range environment. We will also strive to teach children about where food comes from by growing subsistence crops from seed in our small community allotment. More to come as this new project gets underway!
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