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We will take a tour of the facility/organization and go back at a later date to volunteer to sort seeds.
The profit from this will be used to buy the everyday necessities, which we have, for people around the world. We are collecting the Gratitude of the people who are lucky enough to have the things that they have and transferring them into supplies for people who do not have the things that they need through the World Vision organization website.
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It will help students, athletes, parents and teachers quickly fill up their water bottles before or during class. During games, athletes can quickly fill up their water bottles and get back to the game instead of having to go all the way the the nearest bathroom. Lastly if parents are volunteering for a school group or activity it can help them quickly fill up their water and get back to the kids. When or if we get the money we will take that money and use it towards the fund to a water bottle filler.
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STEM outdoor learning Students will learn about 12 Earth Day comprehensive issues that affect the health of our communities Younger aged students will enjoy center stage music, art, simple messages, games and educational booth activities that focus on earth day themes
My project is simply to create awareness among all individuals that can spread the word on all issues regarding our home at large (Earth) and to bind together to create a strong community based on teaming together to do the necessary steps to accomplish the most eco friendly way of living, by watching what you eat, no meat or packaged foods need to be cut down or completely diminished. How many plants we grow a month, my aim is to grow one plant a month or more and to encourage others to want to do the same. To find ways of slowing down our carbon footprint and air pollution by not using cars as often and using solar power if we can. Also how we teach our children and our connectedness to the planet, and to teach our children that the world is at their feet and every footprint counts. Not only will the next generation be raised as aware loved kind and caring individuals but at the same time they will be the next leaders in a movement that is imperative the health and wellbeing of all living things.
Czech Republic
We want to help give food to homeless people who are in need of it. We will bake brownies and make sandwiches to give out to them. We will walk from Staromestka to Mustek and will give a meal to every homeless person we see.
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My project I will purchase materials for greeting cards, treat for them, and create a song for the elderly. This will put smile on their face.
Hi, I'm Emily, I'm 20 years old. Sometimes when walking along the street or on park benches or public places, people always pass by the homeless , we dont know their stories and their situations, I study to become a costume designer at the TNUA, and as I know how people dress or seem to be, will affect them very much-- I wish that EVERY HOMELESS PEOPLE on the street can have access to a bath and clean clothes and food
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Reach out to local businesses and inform them to the ecologic and economic impact of straws.
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I would like to continue to work with a local youth program (ARTS-Us) that runs STEM/arts programming year-round. I would like to lead workshops that teach youth about STEM and how it relates to food justice through hands-on learning. I would like to buy seeds to grow food that we will use to cook meals with the youth so that they can see the full process of natural foods (from the seed to what you put in your mouth)!