It will provide food and shelter for birds during cold days. We are going to be using basic tools and wood for the house.
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Our project will help to take care of the pets of families that are struggling to not only feed themselves but their pets as well. Pets are an important part of a family or sometimes an individuals main source of comfort. Our pets do not qualify to collect food through other services, but still need the same basic essentials; food, water, and comforts.
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Our scholars and volunteers will be walking/running for a cause! We will walk/run for one mile around the neighborhood and at the end of the event, our scholars will be able to throw color dust on themselves, their friends and teachers! Scholars will be paying to walk/run, however there will be expenses such as water, color dust, t'shirts and snacks.
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This project will continue te fine work begun by residents. Being awarded the mini grant will do so much in recognizing their work saving and changing animal lives, and doing it by themselves.
what I want to do is through social networks to make campaigns so that the rest can spread them, likewise to make posters so that the people read them myself. This will also help me in my place of study people are willing to feed the animals without house or shelter
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We will work with local shelters raising support and helping clear the shelters of housed animals. We will work on an informational campaign to raise awareness about animal cruelty stray animals, and help new pet families find low cost vet care for their new family members.
We raised money by holding a "Sweet Sale" for our middle school classmates during lunch time at Taipei American School.
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Starting with my own clothes, mostly outgrown pants (soft material), my sister and I will turn them into pillows that can be used by cancer treatment centers or even the humane society. Whether people in a cancer treatment chair or an animal in a humane society kennel, they deserve to be comfortable. We are learning how to reuse our old clothes, learning how to sew, and learning how to give and bring smiles to others. We are even attaching a hand written inspirational message to the ones going to the cancer center.
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Pups and Cupcakes are hosting a Puppy and Cat coat/supplies drive. We are requesting Hair Products, dog/cat food, grooming kits, warm pet coats and sweaters. Item collected will be distributed to families and our local ASPCA.
Retraining the farmers ,Ensuring that farmers have built good poultry house as required.Getting eggs from a reliable source to hatc h using the automatic egg incubator and then brooding the chicks for one month before starting distributing them to farmers.These will take six months for all the activities to be put in place.